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Culinary Bandung and Bogor Would Standing on TV Malaysia

Food of Indonesia, Bandung and Bogor will resep rendang daging asli be shown in the funnel Go Asean that is part of the Go Travel in Astro TV Malaysia. It was as part of the Indonesia tourism promotion carried out by the Ministry of tourism.

Actually there will be 11 destinations that highlighted the event. However, Bandung and Bogor have the opportunity to fill in the first edition.

The two cities were chosen because it was judged to have resep soto daging yang nikmat close ties with Malaysia. Both cities are easily accessible to tourists from Malaysia.

Tourists from Malaysia can directly fly to Bandung with Air Asia destination Kuala Lumpur-Bandung. While the Bogor, near the capital city of the location so that it is easily accessible.

"The priorities promoted destinations that already have good access," said Minister of tourism Arief Yahya quoted from press release received, Tuesday (17/2).

Arief said the Indonesia Minister must be able to present massive television-television around the world, as done by Tourism Malaysia.

Moreover, Indonesia had plenty of capital to be published. For example, in terms of culinary. According to the former President Director of PT Telkom Indonesia it enough put it just the way it has potential to be improved so that it can be enjoyed globally.

"Now we are going all out to promote various types of culinary taste in neighboring countries," said Arief.

In addition to the culinary, Tourism Ministry will also show off some destinations in Bandung and Bogor. Deputy Assistant market development South East Asia Rizki Handayani Mustafa said, to the area of Bandung, Tourism Ministry prepared the hamlet of bamboo, Saung Angklung Udjo, Golek, the White Queen and craters Crater (Tangkuban Perahu). In addition there is the floating market, Tarung degrees, and Sapulidi Rice Patuha Resort.

"Special Sapulidi Rice Patuha Resort are still waiting for confirmation," said Scott. While the Bogor, Indonesia Safari Park destinations prepared Cisarua, Pancasan (place of manufacture gong) and Hotel Rancamaya.

Six Groceries Healthy Weight Loss Enhancer

Foodstuffs which we think supersehat sometimes precisely as the cause is not so healthy dishes. If you love to Cook, make sure to read the following list given diet consultant Toby Amidor as reported by the Food Network.


Coconut milk and oil can change a dish so calorie bombs. resep soto ayam yang benar-benar enak One cup (240 ml) coconut milk contains 445 calories and 48 grams of fat, which is 74 percent of the total amount of the recommended daily fat. If several cups of coconut milk is put in the soup that is being processed then terdongkraklah Your calories and fat.
According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the coconut milk is categorized as solid fats with saturated fat content is high and not necessarily frequent — often consumed.
Suggested use: choose the coconut liquid and use just a little.


Who doesn't like nuts? Savory snacks that resep seblak asli kota kembang make us unable to stop eating if it has not yet been exhausted. Banana bread will be more tasty if mixed in walnut.
But wait a minute. Try to check the calories. About 30 grams (14 rounds) walnut contains 185 calories and 18 grams of fat. Add a handful of chopped walnuts into Brownie batter, then it means you are adding several hundred calories into it.

Suggested use: use a maximum of 30 grams of walnuts, or depending on the recipe.

Dark chocolate chips

To make healthier dishes, many of which exchanged the milk chocolate chips (milk chocolate chips) and dark chocolate (dark chocolate chips). A handful of chocolate chips, though the kind of dark, can sabotage the muffins, pancake, waffle, and other sweet pastries; also breakfast or snack.
Suggested use: a maximum of 50 grams each time baking cookies. If you want to add to the chocolate, add chocolate powder without sugar into a small amount of dark chocolate chips.


This natural sugar contains a bit of minerals, which makes it a better choice than artificial sweeteners.
Add sugar. Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends may not be more than 10 percent of calories coming from sugar, i.e. 200 additional calories in the diet of 2,000 calories.
One tablespoon of honey contains 64 calories and 74 grams of sugar. A few tablespoons of honey alone has reached the maximum additional sugar.
Suggested use: 1 to 2 teaspoons of each presentation.


Consists of traditional Granola oats, oil, sweeteners, and flakes. Popular now also add dried fruit, coconut, and nuts.
Average 20 grams granola without peanuts contains 100 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, and 5 grams of carbohydrates. Pour 40-60 grams granola into oatmeal or yogurt, then you will gain 200 to 300 calories of granola instead.
Suggested use: 2 to 4 Pretty tablespoons granola. If it takes a whole lot more, add cereal intact, because the calories are likely to be slight.


Vinaigrette is oil mixed with something sour, like vinegar or lemon juice.
Undeniably, fresh salad is a healthy dish that can be served anytime. Add 250 ml balsamic vinaigrette, then you get an extra 800 calories and 50 grams of fat. Though if the saladnya made for four, still substantial: each serving contains an additional 200 calories and 20 grams of fat.

Suggested use: Although vinegar is made from healthy oils, but maximum pour 2 tablespoons course per person.

Five Ways So Tantalizing Food Photos

For some social media account owners to resep pancake durian mantap abis upload photos of food that will be eaten is already like a habit that cannot be eliminated. Instagram and Path into two social media is often used to show off photos of food.

For those who can benefit from a smartphone with the resep pastel goreng renyah tahan lama maximum usually upload photos of food layakanya professional photographers. Application with a choice assortment of features as can conjure up a photo of the food being extremely seductive.

In fact, the dependency will be photo processing application can be avoided. It's just that, you have to know the trick. As revealed by the photographer's special food or foodgrapher, Vika Rahma. When encountered some time ago, Vika reveal the trick.

1. The concept is clear.
"If outside technical, first it should be noted that yes the concept, like what her picture?" said Vika

"Only then the angle, lighting, and property, is it all affect the mood of the food photos. E.g want spaghetti or rice, well it should be already there like what is his willing shadows, "said Vika.

Angle is Vika is a point of view of the camera that will be used to take the beauty of food objects. There are several commonly used angle, that is zero degrees, 30, 45, and 90 degrees or over the top.

According to Vika, the decision to use the angle depends on the texture of the food, the size of the presentation, and back again to the concept of food. He suggested that such a textured food vegetables using a 45 degree, this also applies to foods that normally use a wide Bowl.

2. Adjust the composition and color.
"To users gadget (smartphone), good use of the grid or the auxiliary lines, it is very helpful in determining the composition of the image. The HP now also there is already a photo editing application so much easier, "said Vika.

He confessed to the use of the actual photo editing applications depending on the tastes of individual users. But he's assess, photograph the food turnaround with the original is the best. Raise the light or contrast one level can be done to make photos more ' animate '.

"For example, the nih, that red can make people's increasingly hungry. While the Greens, could be more fresh. Sometimes the colors in the original with different cameras, so should be arranged I'll make more interesting and hungry people, "says Vika.

3. do not use the Flash.
According to Vika, actions that need to be avoided in photographing food is the use of Flash or flash. This can cause the texture of food being lost because the light is too bright.

"If you want to use flash, do not jump. Light environment should also note so don't get into food, unless an additional use through special lighting, "said Vika.

When the room is dark, she suggested using a tripod for DSLR users. When the room is dark, the camera's ISO speed and elevated the good made longer. The use of tripods function reduces shaking on camera when speed becomes slower, so the light can enter the diaphragm of the camera for a longer period so as to produce a bright picture.

"If HP through rather difficult, pas ngakalinnya edit only. Do you make social media so it didn't take a great picture. Oiya, bring reflectors of the white paper. Then the light levels are elevated while editing, "he said.

4. Must be fast.
According to Vika, one of the difficulties of taking photos of food is a matter of duration. It would be better if the food is photographed when still fresh or freshly cooked. This can improve the taste of the people now see that photo.

"Once the food came, directly photographed alone, do you smoke still aja so look is still fresh. That's the hell of his difficult photographs of food, if he holds the food is not fresh, either wither if vegetable, or ngembang if the noodles. The most awful moment was packed already chilled rada. "said Vika.

5. A lot of practice
The last thing that Vika suggest food photos for lovers of the novice, is often practiced and find a reference photo. When you workout, will gradually find its own style and don't be afraid to try different styles.

Cafe Coffee sugar levels higher than Canned Soda

It's been no secret that one of the sparkling beverage brands, Coca Cola, using a lot of sugar in manufacturing, namely to nine teaspoons of sugar per kalengnya. In fact, it's about the video circulating on YouTube.

However, it turns out that way is not only used in the manufacture of Coca Cola, but also used in making a third brand of upscale warm drinks. In fact, it could be simply applied more than Coca Cola.

At least that was delivered by a campaign group named ' Action on Sugar '. They say already analyzing 131 products hot drinks, including coffee, mocha, latte, hot chocolate, fruit drinks, and other beverages, which are available in coffee shops and fast-food outlets are popular in United Kingdom.

A spokesman said that activity, the result of his analysis is 98 percent of drinks that have been tested will receive nutritional value label is red because of the high sugar content. Of course, from a number of coffee shops or fast-food stalls known researched there is also in Indonesia.

The Chairman of the Action on Sugar, Professor Graham MacGregor, said, "these results is another example of a scandal the addition of sugar to the food and drink [in addition on Coca Cola]. No wonder we [the United Kingdom] has the highest rate of obesity in Europe, "he added as quoted Independent.

With a total of 25 teaspoons of sugar per serving, the worst dish was a venti chai with grape, orange, cinnamon and mulled hot fruit from Starbucks.

Massimo eat-in menu chai latte from Costa found to contain 20 teaspoons of sugar, while the venti white chocolate mocha with whipped cream contains 18 teaspoons of sugar. There is also a menu of drinks, mocha from KFC and Starbucks hot chocolate is equally contains 15 teaspoons of sugar per portions.

A spokesman for Starbucks in the United Kingdom said his firm has committed in the beginning of this year to reduce the levels of sugar in the drink by 25 percent by the end of 2020. In addition, they later would add a lighter variation of the drink [sugar levels] and it will display all information its nutrition value in outlets and its online site.

Not just Starbucks, Costa will take the same steps.

"The company has taken significant steps to reduce our sugar levels," said Kerry Parkin, publicist Costa. He added "this April, we will assign a reduction in the levels of salt and sugar for the year 2020."

However, the course is not the best move. In fact, researchers from the Action on Sugar, Kawther Hashem assume coffee shops or other tavernas should as soon as possible reduces the levels of sugar in the drinks.

"These drinks should be drunk once in a while only, do not the Foundation of the daily consumption. Because of the drinks that contain sugar and calories in an incredible amount, "said Kawther.

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