As anyone who has seen a pair of male deer fighting over a female can attest, deer antlers are some impressive assets. Unlike some similar-looking appendages found elsewhere in the animal kingdom, deer antlers are composed largely of bone at their cores and are anchored directly to the skulls of the animals they are part of. Although they resemble in some respects other parts of the common mammalian skeletal system, then, deer antlers also have some very specialized features that help to account for their uniquely exposed nature.

One of the most interesting of these is deer antler velvet. As antlers grow out, they develop a soft, fuzzy, velvet-like layer that allows them to grow even further. Unlike the rest of the antlers, though, this specialized layer is entirely distinct from the bone that is more or less common to all mammals. This unique substance provides blood flow and nutrition to the surface of the antlers, protecting and nurturing them in a way that is mostly without precedent elsewhere in the animal kingdom.

The impressive and spectacular nature of deer antler velvet has made it a subject of great interest to researchers. Among the first of those who began to study it, many came away awed by the variety and concentration of the organic compounds found within it. Deer velvet is such a rich source of important proteins and other substances, in fact, that some have pointed it out as being one of the most striking ones in the natural world.

That fact turns out to be good news for athletes and other people who are interested in pushing their bodies as far as they can go. A variety of concentrated forms of this velvet have turned out to be excellent supplements for those who seek to put on muscle and improve their athletic performance in general. Many believe that deer antler velvet spray or other forms of the substance, in fact, can even help repair injuries and reverse the symptoms of degenerative diseases like arthritis.

As intriguing and fascinating as it is when found growing on the antlers of deer, then, velvet can be even more impressive when it is concentrated and used to help people. Some consider deer antler extract to be one of the most interesting health- and performance-related developments of recent years, and more people who take the time to learn about such things are beginning to incorporate it into their lives.