The experiences that add up to define a childhood, of course, are often those that determine the kinds of lives that adults pursue and lead. Children feel defeats and victories even more keenly than adults do, with the stings and satisfactions that they experience frequently leaving indelible marks in their minds and personalities. That is probably why so many of today's most successful entrepreneurs have such difficult stories of childhood to tell: It seems likely that the troubles they experienced early on push them to do and achieve more as adults than many people would dare to dream of.

Noted real estate investor Dean Graziosi makes for a fine example of this phenomenon. One Dean Graziosi review points out that Graziosi's family moved more than twenty times before he was even nineteen years old, with the growing child rarely getting to spend a year in a single place. The financial hardship that necessitated that itinerant lifestyle clearly made a big impression on Graziosi, as did the need to constantly readjust himself to new surroundings and people.

As that Dean Graziosi review points out, though, Dean did not take these setbacks as anything more than temporary problems. Restless after a youth spent moving from one place to another, Graziosi got his start as an investor early on, turning a beat-up apartment building into a highly successful investment. With the money he earned from those early deals, he went on to even bigger things, quickly building an empire that was the envy of many other investors.

Having thought so much about how to obtain what he wanted, Graziosi turned out to be a natural fit for the educative side of the industry, too. After his first book on real estate investing made a strong appearance on the New York Times Bestseller list, it became clear that there was plenty of demand for more such advice. In fact, he today devotes himself largely to work of this kind, seeking to satisfying an audience that seems to want even more from each new release. From a difficult, challenging childhood, then, there is often plenty to be made by those with the focus and resolve to do it.