Change management is an organized buttonhole to deal with different kinds of changes be it about the whole organization or the people working in it. It has got various aspects out of which three needs special mention, which are, controlling change, adapting change and effective change. These three factors basically determine the approach of the whole change. In an organization when changes appear, it defines and implements procedures and varieties kinds of latest technologies so that it can cope up with the demanding changes in the updated business. The organization also searches for opportunities in these changes to gain some profit. If we talk about the field of information technology then in that case change management is nothing but a systematic way to keep track about the details of a system. Let us know about some of the antecedents of CM.

Scope and cost

Whenever a change is proposed, the scope of the project is directly affected. A project is planned much earlier but a sudden change can make the customer ask for some additional items to be added in the project that were previously not present in the project.

Cost of a project is also an important aspect. Let us suppose that an instance may occur when the content of the project does not suffer any change but the cost of the items that are already present in the project has either decreased or increased. Such situation has to be handled.

Schedule and contract

It may also happen that due to some unavoidable circumstances some events in the project are affected and thereby delayed. Again this has to be managed well.

Changes may also occur with the persons who are handling the projects like different vendors are required for the completion of a project. If any sudden changes affect the vendor itself then it will be a major change taking place in the project.

Quality and human resources

If some managing change in the workplace are taking place the quality of a product will be definitely affected be it in the positive or negative way. Therefore the changes coming up should be carefully monitored to avoid any negative effect on the project. Sometimes changes require more labour so that must be kept in mind.

Communications and risk

The flow of communication between all layers of the management regarding changes must be smooth. Risk factors should be kpt in mind beforehand.