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First rule to Dating: You need to be sure that you are ready for it

You can’t devoteyourself to a new relationship if you are still holding onto your last one. Youneed to move on without having the ghosts of the past haunting you. Make surethat you have freed your heart from everything else so that there could be roomfor something new. If you are not truly devoted to your new partner because ofa past relationship, then the person next to you will find it out and willsubconsciously or deliberately stay back. There is not enough room for two, soit is your choice which one of them is with priority. But if you have someonenew next to you, give them what they deserve. Never put them in the shadow of aperson you have lost. It is not fair.

Yes or No to Blind Dating?

Sometimespeople who are single (and in some cases, people who are in a relationship, aswell) struggle to find a new partner. With this influence technology and socialmedia have on people these days, there is a practice that has been gainingpopularity over the years. More and more people have begun to set a date withsomebody they have met on the Internet, but have never seen in person. Or theso-called blind dates. First of all, this kind of dates may be pretty dangerousbecause you can never trust a stranger completely and you never know for surewho the person standing on the other side of the screen is. Not few of thesedates, however, have proved to be successful. This is, in fact, the reason whyso many people prefer to believe that a blind date will help them find theirsoul mate. What is more, this could be a memorable experience because you canfind a person who is actually worth meeting. If you are courageous enough, anddo not think about the worst thing that may happen in each situation, go forit. Yet, nobody knows. Maybe your future husband/wife is there, waiting foryou.  

Happiness That Is Obvious on the Surface Is Not Always an Indicator for a Happy Couple

A couple that isdeliberately showing off how happy they are in their relationship is the bestindicator that there is something going wrong between the two of them. Twopeople who are pretty sure and confident of their feelings towards each otherwill not make any attempts to convince the world and the other people in thesuccess of their relationship. If they are both happy with each other they willnot bother to prove it to the outer world. The moment when they are not surethemselves, this is the time when uncertainty results in the desire to convincethemselves by convincing the others. If you see a couple writing hearts andkisses on each other’s wall in some social network, do not think: “Ooh, howcute!” because you do not know the whole story that is hiding behind thesesuperficial “signs of love”. Sometimes you do not know how much pain is hidingbehind one smile, one kiss, one heart. True love does not need proofs in frontof the others. True love exists on its own and only two people who are indeedhappy with each other can understand and appreciate it.

When Does Love Come?

Nobodyknows when they are going to find their soul mate. Where will it happen? At the clubs? On the streets? In a restaurant? In the supermarket? Hundreds of people cross our pathevery day and we are not protected with an invisible shield that will preventus from meeting the chosen one. Howdo we know when this event will take place? If we had had everything foreseen,then what would be the point of living your life, waiting for the big event to happen?The charm of living is in not knowing what comes next. Who will you fall inlove with; who will you get married to? Knowing all these things in advance takesyou the beauty of living for the moment. Live and love with your heart. Acceptwhat life has to offer you and remember that even if things seem bad at themoment, better days are coming. Be patient and you will be rewarded. It is thesame with dating. You have to wait for the right one to come to you, instead ofrushing into everyone who stands in your way just to check whether they are theone you have been looking for. And remember! Love comes when you least expectit.

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