If you are not familiar with the Data Protection Act, you should be. This act was passed in 1998 and completely details how companies and organizations are to dispose of documents and other sources of data. Failure to comply with this act could result in your company facing civil and even criminal liability.

Through document shredding services, you can rest assured your company is in full compliance with the law. They can take care of all sources of personal information, so you are not in danger of a data breach. This protects your customers, partners and your company's personal information. If you are not familiar with these services, this information will assist you in understanding how they operate.

When you hire a company for data destruction, they will first come out and bring you a special data bin. This bin is created to provide a protective method for you to place your data sources while you are waiting for shredding. You can take your time in filling the bin and can rest assured your data is secure on your premises. When the bin becomes full or you are ready for the company to come out and begin shredding services, you simply contact them and they schedule a day and time.

When the employee arrives, they will be driving a company truck, wearing a company uniform and they will present you with a picture company ID. This will help to put you at ease, so you can be assured the employee will provide you with safe and secure services. During the process, you can monitor the services being provided, so you are sure everything is done in compliance. Once all of the data has been properly destroyed, you will be given a certificate which provides proof of your data destruction. These certificates should remain on file with your company, so you can present them if you are ever reviewed for compliance.

After the data has all been destroyed, the different pieces of material will be sent to the appropriate recycling facilities. This ensures the materials can all be properly recycled and reused, so there is less strain on the environment. This is the most eco-responsible way of complying with the act and ensuring you are not adding to your company's carbon footprint.

If you want to be sure you are in compliance with the act, make sure you hire a company for paper shredding. This will ensure your company is able to have their private data properly destroyed, so your company and clients are protected.