[DATA LOSS EXAMPLE] Add Media Bar Post

In the RebelMouse Entry Editor, you have a variety of options when it comes to adding media content to your articles.

In the body as well as in the lead media (splash) of the post, we support many formats and ways of adding audiovisual pieces:


In the Media Bar, you can:

Upload your own content:

With the camera icon at the far left.

Search For The Right Media Piece

Inside GIPHY, Facebook videos, YouTube, Instagram, and the .

Embed any code snippet:

Insert content via URL

For example, you can paste a Facebook video or YouTube link and we'll scrape it! (We highly recommend you use videos in the lead media too!)

Bonus: Best Practices For AMP, Apple News and FB IA

We do support any embed code added via the Add Media Bar, but please do bear in mind that:

  • Embed codes have a lot of properties and values that can be very specific, so rendering can fail depending on the device, browser and content of the post.
  • Embed codes will most certainly fail in AMP, Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles (with the exception of iFrames for FB IA). If you're planning on enabling any of these publishing platforms for your posts, we strongly recommend you use the URL feature of the Add Media Bar instead of embedding.