An air conditioner is crucial for keeping a home cool and comfortable throughout the hot summer months. Not only does an air conditioner make a home cooler, it also removes the excess moisture so the humidity levels are brought under control. With proper maintenance, a homeowner can avoid the expense of ducted air conditioners and can prolong the life of their system. With this information, homeowners can learn how to care for their system.

The average air conditioner has a lifespan of fifteen to twenty years. Homeowners can carry out these tasks to ensure their system lasts as long as possible:

The condenser is the unit that sits outside the home. If it does not have adequate airflow, the unit can begin overheating and experiencing issues with being able to properly function. Homeowners can maintain their condenser by keeping shrubbery and weeds carefully trimmed so they do not interfere with the operation of the condenser. It is also crucial any limbs and debris that fall on the top of the grill are kept cleaned, especially after storms.

Routine cleaning should be carried out to keep the system working properly. Homeowners should refer to their owner's manual to ensure they are using the right method of cleaning. If homeowners do not feel confident in their ability to clean their air conditioner, they should hire a professional to come out and take care of all of the cleaning tasks.

The filter must be changed on a regular basis or the unit will not work as it should. Dirty filters can lead to reduced cooling ability and can cause overheating. Ideally, a filter should be checked once a week and changed as soon as it begins to show signs of becoming dirty. Filters should be changed every thirty days for proper airflow.

An air conditioner that is serviced on a regular basis will last much longer than one that is not. Through air conditioning service, all of the main components can be checked to ensure the system is running at its best and does not need repair. If any issue is found, it can be repaired before major problems begin to arise.

With these tips and air conditioner service, homeowners can prolong the life of their systems and keep them running at their best for as long as possible. With proper care, homeowners can avoid the costly expense of repairs and replacements that can be required when an air conditioning system is not properly cared for.