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Happeh 29th anniversary rents! 🎉🎆🎈 Congrats!! For making this colourful human being 😁 And thank you, for giving her an equally awesome baby bro.
First Art Jam, then zen meditation, and now Poetry Slam. Here's to my partner in always-up-for-trying-new-random-shiz @szuuuu You cray adventurous spirit you! 😎 And thanks for the fabtabulously informational workshop @billmoran68!!
Finally catching up with this little travel bug after 3 weeks of her jet setting across Italy & Australia. Missing @latishaudani who's actually in Africa right now......... Oklah I think
Prepping showcase devices for #rakumy 's booth at tomorrow's #malaysianmediaawards #superfuntimes (whilst watching #themightyducks)
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