When the programmers of what is now known as Shopify first started coding, they simply wanted to make a great online snowboard store. They carried out their work so well, though, that they soon found others asking to use the same code base. Before long, they had begun a new business of an unexpected kind providing eCommerce software and functionality to others.

Today, Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce solutions on the Internet and a whole lot more, to boot. More than 150,000 online stores make use of the software, together moving over $8 billion in merchandise annually. In addition to making it easy to set up powerful, secure web stores, Shopify also provides brick and mortar retailers with top-quality point-of-sales systems and other valuable tools.

It is the Shopify eCommerce platform that still lies at the heart of the company's success, though. More than one review of shopify points out how simple the system is to set up, something that was true when it initially launched and remains so today.

At the same time, the software also offers plenty of power. It is just as easy to customize as any competitor, while also offering a great basic experience to those who choose not to. Even the least technically inclined of users, in fact, often find themselves able to install themes and tweak visual settings, while custom web design experts can easily effect some really fundamental change.

The system's security record is also strong, something that is particular important for products of this type. With the credit card numbers and other details of customers potentially at stake, making sure to use the most secure eCommerce system possible has to be considered a mandate for virtually every business. Shopify's consistent, continuing focus on locking everything down has kept it near the head of the pack in this respect since it first launched in 2004.

Even if it began life in a humble, unassuming way, then, Shopify has become a clear leader in the eCommerce industry. Although there are plenty of other options today, Shopify remains a strong choice for many online retailers and others.