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Kyle Leon's Personal Nutritionist Software Program In Depth

Customized Fat Loss review. You may have been surfing the web for an honest review of Customized fat Loss by Kyle Leon, a confusing task. Does it work? Does it help burn fat and get lean? Is it a good diet plan for men and women by a reputable author? You might be asking yourself whether it is the best natural diet and workout program of its type on the market on fat loss and lean muscle, or whether it actually works. Keep reading.

Author Kyle Leon is a nutrition specialist, fitness expert, senior consultant at Blue Star Nutraceuticals and also works for Bio Trust Nutrition. But do not let the supplement brand names put you off because his fat loss program has nothing to do with supplements and is 100% natural. In fact, Kyle is the first to stress out that 99% of them are junk and a waste of money, except maybe very few selected ones.

What this diet and workouts program is all about revolves around 2 very important key ideas that are completely ignored by other fat loss, lean muscle programs around and this is why most of them do work to some extent for some individuals but not for others,

According to the author, these principles are the foundation of his program and the reason why it does work for all the spectrum of people implementing it, regardless of personal fitness and genetics.

Customized Fat Loss Program Foundations

Ectomorph – Mesomorph – Endomorph Body Types

 The first idea is that all body types are different, so they require a customized approach to diet and nutrition in order to get the best results for each individual, hence the name of the program. The main body types are ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph:

  1. Ectomorph: a slim, lean body type with light bones.
  2. Mesomorph: a naturally more athletic body type with stronger bones but not too stocky.
  3. Endomorph: the most robust body type, with thick bones but also a tendency to accumulate fat more easily.

Depending on your body type, your response to the same nutrition plan and exercises will be different, hence the need to tailor suit it to your own specific needs.

However, there is more to come into the mix. These body types are just the main ones, but the genetic variations on these basic structures can take countless and infinite shapes in the genetic pool of the human population, making the customization more difficult.

This why Kyle Leon, with the back up of years of practical application on real life clients, has developed a software that calculates exactly what unique body type you have and how, when and how much to eat and workout.

According to him, it is only with a systematic and accurate approach akin to science that it is possible to get your body into fat burning mode in record time, with the software leaving all the guess work out.

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If this idea of the customized body type diet plan seems interesting, then the second idea is almost striking in its simplicity.

Carbohydrates And Proteins Through Life

Different Ages – Different Needs

 The idea revolves around the function of carbohydrates and insulin when the body goes through different stages in life. Carbohydrates are often our primary source on energy, but while younger they are easily converted into energy, as we grow older they become more and more easily stored as fat even when eating the same quantity of them or even less, unless with eat them at a certain time with certain foods.

Apparently, we are better off eating less and less carbohydrates as we grow older and instead replace them with more and more proteins and healthy fats. Less carbohydrates also means more balanced insulin levels in the blood stream, while more proteins coupled with exercise mean more lean muscle, which in turn help burn fat even more because more lean mass results in a higher metabolic rate even at rest, even while asleep.

Again, how much carbohydrates and proteins you should balance depending on your age is taken care of the software along with your body type blueprint. As a matter of course, people should generally start reducing carbohydrates and increase proteins gradually from the age of 20.

According to Kyle, generic nutrition plans do not work because they do not take in consideration your age, weight, height and body type. The same meal plan offered to two different people will have completely different outcomes ranging from satisfied to disappointed depending whether the person in question was lucky to stumble upon a plan that worked for her or (more likely)not. There is only one way to go for 100% success rate: customization.

Carbohydrates particularly react differently for different body types. Some body types have a natural tendency to store them in fat more easily than others, while other still seem to be blessed with an ability to utilize carbs to even burn more fat. By all accounts, the way our bodies react to the same foods vary wildly depending on our genetic make up, hence the need to be accurate and “scientific”, so to speak, in how much, what and when we eat and in which food combinations too.

To support his theory, Kyle also observes how celebrities display an enviable degree of fitness and leanness even as they age or manage to get lean and fit in record times and stay like that if they were over weight before. This is because they have the means to afford personal nutritionists and fitness experts that design highly customized diet and nutrition plans for them, depending on their personal conditions, age, body type, weight, height, gender and so on, so they know what, how and when to eat.

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Does Customized Fat Loss Work?

Is It An Effective Fat Burning Diet Plan?

By all accounts this program seems to be different by the vast majority in that it it is highly accurate for the purpose of being effective to all kind of persons depending on their body type, age, basic metabolism and so on. It is more like multiple fat loss programs rolled into one to suit multiple persons. Its software is built upon the compound knowledge of years of experience, leaving the guess work out and making it very easy to calculate exactly your nutrition and workouts program.

While being extremely customizable, there are also few key elements that stay constant for everyone through the program regardless of body type, like eating six small meals a day in order to maximize metabolism and avoid fat storage or the general guideline to eat less carbs and more proteins as you age.

There are plenty of testimonials with striking before and after pictures and feedback both on Kyle's site and around the web. Apparently, this is a program that has been through the drills many times over leaving a trail of satisfaction behind. Kyle claims that is possible to lose 15/20 pound of fat in as little as 60 days. That is a bold claim to do. Some testimonials really lost a lot of fat and gained lean muscle for sure, others less so, but still show a marked improvement.

There is no guarantee to get ripped to the bone in 60 day with any program, but by sticking to Customized Fat Loss seems to take its users to remarkable shape in more or less a short time. However, there is a part of the program that really seems unnecessary even though is totally optional. While Kyle has no problem admitting that most supplement are a waste, he still felt ok to insert a bonus “Supplementation Guide” in his program “suggesting” the very few supplements that may be beneficial.

It may be a free bonus, but even so even “good” supplements are in our view totally unnecessary in an otherwise 100% natural nutritional and workout program for fat loss and lean muscle.

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Customized Fat Loss Contents

Online Weight Loss And PDF Manuals – Bonuses - Pros And Cons

Customized Fat Loss is a multi format program delivering its content both online and in PDF manuals. The manuals include the main program and 4 bonus guides, while the online community access provides the software and the customer service.

Here is a breakdown:

  1. The Main PDF manual with all the basics on nutrition and exercise and the theory behind body types.
  2. A bonus Customized Fat Loss Training exercise program. This is a 12 week customized regime of fat burning exercises that, according to the author, help you burn fat up to 3 times faster than generic plans if implemented with the customized nutrition plan. The workouts are based on very simple exercises that do not require useless gizmos or equipment but can be implemented at home or a gym if you wish so. 
  3. A bonus Customized Fat Loss Supplementation Guide: here Kyle utilizes his expertise in the nutrition industry to tell why most supplements are to be avoided like the plague and reveal the very few ones that are beneficial.
  4. A bonus Unlimited Upgrades for members to have always updated information on the program, nutrition and workouts.
  5. A bonus “Peak In A Week” fast track manual with tips and tricks to make you look like you lost 10 to 20 pounds of fat in a week. Tricks include skin tightening water manipulation and ab popping techniques as used by fitness models plus tips on how, when to eat certain carbohydrates to make you look like you have no fat under your skin.

What we like about this program:


  1. Professional and accurate program that leaves nothing to chance. Everything is taken into account to maximize results for all body types.
  2. Designed by a knowledgeable professional nutritionist and fitness expert with years of experience and real life results from his clients to show for.
  3. Unbiased, unsolicited and free endorsement by physician Dr Hollowell who tried and tested the program on herself with great results.
  4. Plenty of testimonials with before and after pictures to show for.
  5. 60 day money back guarantee, no question asked.
  6. Much cheaper than any private personal nutritionist/fitness expert.
  7. Totally natural nutrition and exercise program for fat loss and lean muscle.

What we do not like


  1. Despite the claims that most supplements are junk, the program includes a free bonus supplementation guide listing what supplements to avoid like the plague but also few allegedly “good ones”. In our opinion even the so called “good ones” are a waste too and not in line with the program foundations.
  2. We are not convinced that you need to eat several smaller meals during the day to maximize metabolism. Fewer larger meals will do just as well, even though the nutrition and exercise customization to your own body type, age, weight and height is sound. We think the program works even without obsessing about micro meals during the day, as it is the overall calorie and workout picture in the long run to be effective.

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