Coming Soon: Multiple Select to Quickly Curate Social from Mobile

In order for your content to be sticky and reach new audiences, it has to be multidimensional.

Nobody likes when content is one-sided and an RSS feed is full of your own stuff — and neither do the platforms + search algorithms. At RebelMouse, we're obsessed with providing an all-in-one experience that sets your content up for social success.

That's why we've made social curation on mobile so easy. When using our listicle tool, you can now insert multiple images and videos within the body of your post. For example, writing a story on rock climbing? Pull up the five best Facebook videos of rock climbing, embed Instagram posts from industry influencers, and even sprinkle in some GIFs from GIPHY if you want. Blend together social elements into your post to enhance your content however you'd like — all directly from your phone.

With the rise in influencer marketing, user-generated content is bigger than ever and results in 29% higher conversions than websites without it. You'll be surprised to find that when you begin to curate social, you also start to move the engagement needle. We have all the same tools available on desktop.

See how this feature comes to life in the video below: