There are times when the lower courts get legal decisions wrong. You don't have to accept their decision and can hire an appeal lawyer. An appeal lawyer reviews the record and can have a new perspective on your case. The case then gets appealed to the higher court for a chance at a different decision. There are three different areas of appeals: federal, criminal and civil. Hiring top appeal lawyers can sometimes turn your case around to a more favorable ruling. There are two different types of appeals: appeals on the record and de novo appeals.

For an appeal on the record, the appellate law firms will challenge the lower court ruling with a misapplication of the law or an attack on the fact finding. A de novo appeal the appeal lawyer and the new court do not look at any of the previous case. You can find top appeal lawyers that handle both types of cases. Your case could commercial litigation, white collar crime, federal civil appeals, jury trial appeals, appeals non-final order and state court criminal appeals. There are appeal options for all areas of the law. Most attorneys do not charge an initial consultation fee to review your case with you.

There are many reasons why you may not have received the type of ruling that you would have liked. Sometimes an attorney may be set in what he or she believes or feels is your case and what the outcome will be. They may miss key points and leave you frustrated. This is where an appeals lawyer can pick those pieces up with an appeal and work towards a decision that is more favorable to you.

You normally only have 30 days to file an appeal for your case. So, hiring an appeals lawyer in a timely manner is important. Once the 30 days are over, you have lost any chance of appealing and the lower court's decision will stand permanently. An appeal attorney can bring new life to your case with a fresh perspective. Creating effective arguments and briefs to the appellate court is a skill that only appeal lawyers have. If you're unhappy with your decision in court, contact an appeal lawyer immediately.