Virginia auto accidents could lead to many probabilities. These events could lead to extensive injuries and property damage. In the most detrimental cases, a fatality occurs. A Roanoke Traffic Lawyer is the driver's first line of defense.

Reviewing the Sequence of an Auto Accident

After an accident occurs, law enforce is called to the scene. These officers evaluate the sequence of events that lead to the accident. They contact emergency services to address injuries. They interview all drivers when possible. Their report designates what driver is at fault in this accident.

Any drivers who have clear signs of intoxication must submit to testing. The officers perform a breathalyzer test to gauge the blood-alcohol content reading. If the reading is at least 0.08 percent, the driver is guilty of a DUI. A Roanoke VA Traffic Lawyer could help this driver by providing a legal defense.

DUI Charges Connected to an Auto Accident

Drivers involved in an auto accident and facing DUI charges may incur further penalties. The state reserves the right to file these additional charges based on the victim's injuries. If the victim dies, these drivers face involuntary vehicular manslaughter charges. In Virginia, this charge is initiated after the fatality occurs. The sentence for this infraction is a maximum of ten years in prison. They receive a fine of $2,500.

The blood-alcohol content reading determines if the DUI charge is classified as aggravated. Typically, these charges apply if this level was 0.15 percent or higher. Aggravated DUI charges increase the criminal penalty. The sentencing and fines for the charge are at the judge's discretion. However, the judge could add ten years to their sentence. A Attorney helps these drivers fight a conviction.

Reviewing Wrongful Death

Involuntary vehicular manslaughter is a valid claim for a wrongful death lawsuit. It indicates that the victim died due to circumstances that were avoidable. The driver's choice to get behind the wheel while intoxicated substantiates this liability. Under Virginia law, the family of the victim has legal grounds to launch a civil claim for this crimes.

Virginia auto accidents lead to a serious chain reaction. This series of events could lead to a grieving family and a driver incur felony charges. In addition to severe criminal penalties, the driver could also face a wrongful death lawsuit. Drivers who are facing this detrimental chain reaction should hire a Roanoke Litigation and Trial Lawyer to help them immediately.