The Fluid, Creative Agency Inside of RebelMouse

Growing up, my dad started a software company — which gave me the chance to learn how to write code from a very young age. I loved it immediately. The act of creating! A lot of people think of coding as a math or science, but I have always seen it as an artistic language. From the moment I touched code, it was an act of expression for me. My first code was a "Choose Your Own Adventure" experience — it was truly an act of writing and a different way of telling a story.

What I realized quickly as I entered my career in my late teens and early 20s, was that people wanted to put me in a box as just "the developer." I always wanted much more than to just write code and be told what tech should do. I had already worked on viral projects (Dog Island is particularly fun) and built a real eCommerce business for Palo Alto Software.

As I looked at the opportunities of who I wanted to work with, the way Jonah Peretti and Ken Lerer (co-founders with Arianna Huffington on HuffPost) approached tech was exactly me. As CTO of HuffPost, I had design and product reporting to me and was responsible for overall traffic. I worked every day with an amazing editing team so that we could collaborate on how to build a massive and loyal audience together. It was far, far more than just the developer box.

At RebelMouse, I've been able to put together a team of people who are just like me. Most of the team, regardless of their position and title, are technical. Developers manage accounts directly, working not only on product, but strategy, audience growth, and revenue. It's possible because, like me, they don't self-identify as developers in their heart of hearts. The result is an amazing team of people who have fallen in love with particular aspects of the media and content business. Those aspects could be anything — how to get the most out of Instant Articles, what's possible with Google AMP, growth hacking Instagram, or wiring your site for maximum monetization.

In January I closed our SoHo office in NYC because I believe so strongly in distributed teams. We have no bar for geography when we look for talent on the team, but we have a super-high bar on talent. Having an office confused the culture and accidentally excluded our brilliant people who weren't there to hop in a meeting room. Now we are closer and more connected than ever, and we stay linked together across 26 countries. We are fluid between roles and time zones. We also work with clients who are meshed together with their teams. We have fun too, by the way — most of our calls are filled with laughter as we figure out clever things together.

We have a very unique approach and it works for the awesome brands we work with like United, BlackRock, Ernst and Young, and many more. Our creative team strategy also works with amazing media companies like Axios, Dodo, EcoWatch, One Country, and a massive site network we are building. It combines technical skills with artistic creativity. We are inspired by intuition and gut, but we get to check everything against data, and be able to see what is working across a huge set of categories and verticals.

These are the specific services we take on at RebelMouse. More on that below. Let's create something viral + awesome together:

Redesign to Increase Website Traffic

Our philosophy on site redesign is to follow a pattern we've trademarked called Social UX for Media. We wove a lot of social connections into our product. We've done that by studying what users like and what isn't working. We use that framework to make it easy for anyone to launch a site that is as intuitive to users as scrolling through Instagram.

Media sites got too complicated over time, and added too much garbage that we had to clean up before reaching a crisp + effective tone. What is your navigation structure? How does that communicate to users what it means to share your content? The answer is a mix of design/UX and branding to find a real fit with users so you can reach the next level of growth in your business.

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Audience Development

We've developed proprietary tech that identifies influencers across social platforms, and even allows you to form relationships with those pages right from our Entry Editor. We've also got a team of social + audience growth experts who are obsessed with traffic. They can work closely with you on everything from growing Instagram followers to securing repeat viral reach for your content via paid and organic traffic.

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Website Monetization and Implementation

We review all your ad units and CTAs. How are you set up on Instant Articles, AMP, and newsletters? What ad networks are you using? What is your premium sales pitch, product, and deck? We go through everything to discover all the different ways we can optimize your revenue potential, and we help with implementation along the way.

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Custom Web Design and Integrations

We built RebelMouse to be as flexible and fluid as we are. That means if we believe in the idea you have or the new feature you want to build, we can not only build it, but make the idea better through implementation. The devil is always in the details, but the magic is too. It's about how you find something with a closed viral loop that you can release to your audience. It's tricky and requires our fluid approach to really see success.

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