It can be bad enough that people who are trying to sleep near you complain about your loud snoring. That is frustrating since you aren’t doing it on purpose. You may have thought to yourself that you are glad that you can’t hear it, so you think it doesn’t bother you. But, do you find yourself as tired when you wake up as when you went to bed? Maybe you wake up once or twice each night choking or gasping, then go back to sleep. You could even find yourself falling asleep during the day when you don’t mean to.

These issues could be caused by the same thing that is making you snore. So don’t go thinking that your snoring isn’t bothering you, it could be affecting your health in ways you aren’t even aware of. The cause of your snoring, and these other issues just may be a common one that is shared by over eighteen million other Americans. This medical disorder is called obstructive sleep apnea. It is caused by the tissue found in the back of your throat collapses when you are sleeping. This in turn blocks your breathing from delivering enough oxygen to your body. Your heart and brain don’t get the oxygen they need to function correctly.

Most people who suffer from the medical condition sleep apnea tend to snore loudly and exhibit at least some of the other symptoms, such as the abrupt waking when trying to get more air. This can be happening to you and you aren’t even aware of it. Many people will wake several times during the night after they stop breathing for a bit, wake up to get air and go right back to sleep. If you are sleeping with another, they may have mentioned seeing this happen to you. Many partners have feared their loved one wasn’t going to start breathing again, at least once a night, and the next day the partner has no awareness of it.

When you go to find out what your problem is at some place such as Chase Cranialorthopedic Center, the experts there will do a medical exam to see if there are any other problems that may be causing your poor quality of sleep. Once other sources of the issue are eliminated, sleep apnea and cranialorthopedic specialist Doug Chase will have you keep a sleep diary for a couple of weeks. This will help them see any patterns in your sleep and how you feel.

Once you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, you may be prescribed the use of an oral airway appliance. This will be a small pump unit that is attached to a mouth cover that you will wear as you sleep. The device will help keep the air flowing freely as you sleep, allowing you to wake feeling refreshed and ready to get on with your day. Why not contact Chase Cranialorthopedic Center and see how they can improve the way you feel.