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“hi optus? can i have dan’s number, i want to take them out for a beer and possibly marriage.”

Dan from Optus is politely not having any of your racist crap today

I want to buy Dan from Optus dinner


That last one is a very polite burn. A+

Damn, Dan, you are really fucking good at that.

“Australia is a nation full of languages, some 200 plus of them are native to Australia, but English is not one of those native languages.”


Spent the weekend with my parents on their avocado farm up in Queensland. Bad thing: No internet! I need therapy. Good things: driving around the farm with my dad and two of their dogs in the ancient Spectron mini van - i learnt to drive in that thing almost 30 years ago! And it's still going. #ford #ftw
mitchwagner: About that “life goal” thingKaren Dillon,...


About that “life goal” thing

Karen Dillon, co-author with Clayton Christensen of “How Will You Measure Your Life,” discusses the importance of having a life goal.

I’ve heard this advice before, of course, along with the tips that you should follow your bliss, and your passion, and find what you were put on Earth to do. I never really thought that applied to me. Not everyone has a calling. The people who do – the entrepreneurs, artists, priests, and dedicated doctors – are blessed. The rest of us do what we can.

Besides, I’m not a blissful person. I don’t do bliss. If I’m feeling pretty good, I figure that’s a good day.

But listening to this video it occurred that setting a goal in life isn’t a matter of predestination or finding the one true thing you were meant to do. It’s just about making choices. Pick something.

Until now I’ve made life choices based on the choices that were in front of me. I’ve done pretty well with that. But it’s time to start looking further ahead. 

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