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Crack The Girl Code - Michael Fiore

Crack The Girl Code: Michael Fiore Reveals A 3-Step, Scientifically Proven Evolutionary "Cheat Code" In The Female Mind That Gives Even The Dorkiest Guys God-like Powers For Getting Good With Girls, Getting A Girlfriend, And Getting Laid

Click here to visit the official Michael Fiore Crack The Girl Code website to purchase and download the Get The Girl Code PDF ebook and complete guide on how to get any woman to feel overwhelming attraction to you.

Highly popular and world famous relationship expert, Michael Fiore, describes CrackThe Girl Code like this…

Crack The Girl Code is a step-by-step, almost-automatic online training program in which Michael Fiore gives you the secret owner's manual for the female mind and teaches you how to make any woman you want feel amazing instantaneous connection with you so she suddenly lusts after you, chases you, competes for you with other women and even begs to be yours whether you’ve just met her or she’s had you in the “friend zone” for years.

It’s all about learning how to push 3 “buttons” in a woman’s mind that…

  1. Make her feel an unconscious connection like you understand her in a way no other man ever has
  2. Trigger sexual desire (has nothing to do with your looks, your job, or the snake you keep in your pants)
  3. Make her feel like she chose you

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Lowest price and a 60-day money back guarantee available when product is purchased directly from Michael Fiore through the official website.

Crack The Girl Code Review

Crack The Girl Code Review

The Core Program

1.) Get The Girl Code Membership Modules

This is the core component of the Get The Girl Code system that includes lifetime access to a private, members-only area where you can access the video, audio, and written PDF components of all 3 modules along with all bonuses and the “Inside Her Mind” and “Never Fight Again” addons if you decide to purchase these during checkout. You can also interact with other members and support staff through the integrated comments feature. (Click here to learn more about the Get The Girl Code core modules)


1.) How To Avoid The Friend Zone

This is an interview between Miss X and Ryan DRH available as both a PDF script and as an hour long audio. In the interview, Miss X teaches you how women make the decision to put you in the friend zone, what you can do to protect yourself from getting placed there in the first place, and exactly what you need to do and say if you’re already stuck there and need to get out.

2.) The Sexual Escalation Formula (AKA How To Escalate With A Woman)

This is an interview between Miss X and Mr. X that teaches you how to escalate the sexual tension between you and your woman so you can go from “holding hands” to “hot and heavy” whenever you want. Make the right moves at the right time to amplify her attraction for you.

3.) My First Ever One Night Stand

This is a 4-minute video in which Miss X talks about her first ever one night stand and reveals exactly what the guy did and said that took all the pressure off so she could have fun, let him ravish her, and actually enjoy the whole process.

4.) Miss X’s Simple Seduction Checklist (AKA The Wing Girl Method Cheat Sheet):

This is a simple step-by-step instruction sheet that gives you a checklist of Miss X’s guidelines for being a man women can’t resist. It provides a general checklist for being an attractive man as well as checklists for approaching, arranging a date, and what to do during and after the date.It makes the entire process of getting the girl step-by-step easy!

5.) The Connection Factor (AKA Improvisation With Annie) - This is an interview between Miss X and her improv instructor, Annie, that walks you through how to dial up the attraction with a woman by being direct with her, stating your intention while being genuine, and saying EXACTLY what you want. It’s all about being a man who leads, who knows what he wants, and who isn’t afraid to go after it (all traits women find super sexy and highly desirable).


Along with the main program and bonuses there are also two additional Get The Girl Code add-ons you can purchase during the ordering process. These are the “Insider Her Mind” package and “Never Fight Again”.

These are completely optional, but can add tremendous value depending on your own personal goals with the program. (Read more about them here…)

Crack The Code To Get Any Girl You Want

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