There was an absurdly popular song smashing radio rock records in 2015. It was Cool Kids by the group Echosmith. The band is so highly sought after that tickets are flying off the shelves (or websites) and getting to see the band is pretty tough. Also, what other songs do they have? Comparable, Cool Kids has 158 million online plays. The group's second most popular song has 13 million. The point is, Cool Kids is an amazing party jam. It has this eclectic indie-pop style that is surprisingly addictive, with jangling guitars and softly processed vocals bouncing atop each hook. The song has many fans, and they want to hear it flexed in a live setting. That is possible with a covers band.

The Monroes, Fresh Songs, Classic Style

The Monroes is an extremely popular covers band. Music fans can book them today to come out and play an assortment of songs spanning every era. Fans can hear tunes they cannot realistically hear live, such as Echosmith's notoriously popular modern pop jam. The group balances out fresh new songs hot off the presses with classics from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. The song list should be prepped before show time.

Dual Vocals

The Monroes has two vocalists. One is female and one is male. They both have extraordinarily powerful voices that can fit the mold of many styles. Their voices can rise and soar like Freddie Mercury or stay awkwardly nuanced like Sting from the Police. The band can capture the energy of Steve Perry from Journey while drawing on that alternative rock sound of Dave Grohl a few songs later. The Monroes female vocalist has this entrancing voice that can make Adele blush. She can service Stevie Nicks as well as Katy Perry in a way very few artists can do.

The Monroes are seasoned music veterans. Cover bands have a certain special type of talent. They need to be able to capture the spirit of the original songs by learning when to mimic and when to add their own flavor. A covers band is a fantastic addition to a party event because they can manage to supersede generations. When dad can hear the Rolling Stones, and the little sister can hear her favorite Lady Gaga song, something has gone wonderfully right. Perhaps they want the newest song hitting radio now? The Monroes are definitely the cool kids. Book The Monroes today through their website at .