Costa Rica without a doubt is one amazing country. It does not come as a surprise to find the country has become a retirement haven. Not only the country enjoys a nice climate; it can be warm enough especially for Canadian retirees who like to live in a warmer country. Canadians retiring in Costa Rica have become something is a growing phenomenon. There are more people from Canada opting to live in Costa Rica when they retire. Why is this happening? Let's try to find out why Costa Rica has become a nice place to retire especially among Canadians.

Costa Rica's political climate is one of the most stable in the world. The style of their democracy is relatively peaceful and perhaps most stable in all of Latin America. The political climate remains to be biggest draw for people choosing to retire in Costa Rica. Tranquility and stability are the very foundation of a great retirement haven.

Costa Rica is blessed with a tropical climate and white-sand beaches. It is a country with a lot of mountain ranges and rolling hills in the countryside. The warmth is felt all year round perfect for Canadians Kivig in Costa Rica who seek to have a warmer climate. The country's climate is neither too cold nor too hot. There are people who get by just opening windows not needing some air conditioning. Amount of rain fall depends on the location. October is the month where all the rains fall. Rains do occur usually during late afternoon or early evening.

Foreigners who purchase properties in Costa Rica also enjoy the same rights and privileges as a local citizen. Property in Costa Rica remains among the most affordable in the world. It takes less money to convert Costa Rica into one's retirement place. The costs are lower in retirement homes in the country compared to what Canadians can get back home or even in the United States. Canadians relish the fact they get more for their dollar when they spend it in Costa Rica. Some who have retired also prefer to get some Vacation Condos in Costa Rica for vacation if they don't decide to stay for long-term or for good yet.

Costa Rica is one of the few countries without a military as it is banned by the Constitution. Country like Costa Rica don't need a military as the environment remains to be safe and secured. It enjoys relatively stable political climate, which makes it an ideal retirement haven. Canadians realize how they have grown to love this Latin American country more. Canada retirees know only a handful of countries can match if not best the amenities and offers Costa Rica can give.

This may be the best time to consider options as you move towards retirement soon. There is a rich set of information guaranteed to give you more insights on how Costa Rica can become your next retirement haven. You can get more information on how to make Costa Rica your next new home.