One way to increase security within a corporation is to train executives, employees, and on-site security personnel in several areas. Giving everyone knowledge regarding security risks, how to respond to situations, and what to do to stay safe, empowers them. It can also help to diffuse sudden or intense threats, increase awareness of suspicious behavior in others, and reduce panic in a crisis. Threats and violence are increasing at alarming rates, and there are no signs of it stopping in the near or distant future. Security is everyone's business, so intelligent, diligent people result in safer environments.

That does not mean that corporations should scare all their personnel, or make everyone paranoid. It simply means that the more knowledge people have regarding safety and security, the more secure a business will be. Workplace violence or active shooter training, for example, will inform people of possible changes in coworker behavior that might signal that something is not quite right. It could be a change in appearance, certain body language, or odd behavior.

Staff can be encouraged to pay attention to their instincts, alert security personnel, or discretely send an Email for help. What to do in the event of such an incident can save lives. Quickly getting under a desk, remaining in a bathroom stall, or speaking in softer tones when confronted, can make the difference between life and death. Knowing what a response team will do once on-site can also be helpful. Security team training can let people know what to expect, keep people from panicking in hostage situations, and give them an idea of protocols that have to be followed.

Some corporate security solutions can also involve regulatory compliance training, travel safety, and diversity and sensitivity training. A mobile workforce, for example, could benefit from training regarding confidentiality, electronic security, and company file protection. That information can help deter fraud, increase protection against hackers, and reduce access to secured files. Reminding people to change their passwords often, properly log out of accounts, and secure tablets or smart phones can add to business security. Training executives, professionals, and support staff is an easy and cost-effective way to boost security.