Vancouver's salmon are undoubtedly best known for their once-in-a-lifetime upriver journeys. Crowding together in many of the area's rivers, these beautiful fish make for a special sort of spectacle for those lucky enough to see them. When they are not heading inland to mate and expire, though, the area's salmon live equally spectacular lives at sea. That makes chartered fishing trips that focus on various salmon species some of the most exciting and rewarding anglers can experience.

Like most fish, salmon form schools as they move about in search of food and favorable aquatic conditions. Keeping up with the movements of the area's salmon schools, then, is a top priority for those who lead fishing charters in Vancouver, as this, more than any other pursuit, will help to ensure the success of their trips. Far from being something that starts anew on any given day, tracking the progress of various salmon schools is a responsibility that the most dedicated captains seek to fulfill over the course of whole seasons.

That can mean, for example, tracking a school of pink salmon as it moves over the course of weeks from one Vancouver-area bay to the next. While salmon move quickly when they have a need to, they will also frequently settle down for a while once they have found a rich source of food. This means that charter captains who keep up with their obligations can often truthfully promise clients several days of great fishing, something that is much harder to do with most other species in the region.

None of that would matter, though, if salmon were not so exciting to fish for. Well endowed with lean, powerful muscle, most species of salmon are spectacular fighters, putting on a great show and giving anglers plenty of challenge. Many of them, of course, also make delicious eating, another reason why salmon fishing is so consistently popular in the area.

For just about anyone who enjoys fishing, then, going after salmon can be a great way of adding some excitement to a trip to Vancouver. While not every charter will be successful, the historical record is impressive.