As everyone knows, in business, time is money and your employees' put in a lot of it to improve the quality of your business. They stay late to finish a project, or give up weekends to travel to a customer's location for Monday morning. When they spend a lot of their time going above and beyond their job descriptions, you need to spend a little time to recognize those efforts. It would be a shame to loose those type of employees because they felt taken for granted or unappreciated. Your loss might well be your competions' gain and you can't afford that in this uncertain global business economy.

Corporate Award Source - Howard Miller Clocks can help you let them know how much you appreciate their time and efforts. There are 34 different types of clocks to choose from in wood, plastic, glass, crystal and metal. You will be able to find the perfect one for your most dedicated employee(s) to fit any budget. Customize and personalize any item free, adding names, dates, years, titles, inscriptions and even your company logo. Models of clocks include desk ones, wall clocks, alarm clocks, picture frames with clocks, and free standing floor models. Recognition Award Clocks by Howard Miller are a popular choice to show people that the time they spend helping your business grow does not go unnoticed.

A unique example of one of the Howard Miller clocks from Corporate Award Source is the Illuminated World Time Howard Miller Alarm Clock. The metallic silver and black trim alarm clock includes a flashlight and has 18 different major world locations for time setting. The display includes time, date and temperature and you can choose from English, German, Spanish, Italian or French for languages. This is perfect for your traveling consultant or your special projects manager who can be in Munich one week and Miami the next. That makes for a very special gift as recognition for service to your company. That is only one example from which to choose.

Ordering is quick and convenient either through the telephone, order form or via internet at Corporate Award Source. When placing your order for a single piece or larger quantities, it is very important to be specific and detailed. You will then be given a proof of the order for your approval before it goes into production. This allows you to see what the finished award will look like. Service continues with follow up until presentation to make sure you are completely satisfied.