Almost any woman asked, and probably most men, would confess to

wishing they were generally thinner, or would admit that there was

a specific area of their body that they wish did not carry so much

stubborn weight. It seems that some fatty deposits are impossible

to shift, even through good diet and exercise regimes, which can

be incredibly disheartening and damaging to confidence. However,

liposuction can be expensive and in the hands of an inexperienced

practitioner, the scars can be ugly and the healing process long and

painful. Vaser may be the perfect alternative.

It is the latest development in lipo treatments, employing ultrasound

technology. The repeatable procedure is considerably cheaper than

liposuction and takes less time, between one and three hours to

complete. It can be performed under local anaesthetic and blood loss

is minimal, meaning that no overnight stay is necessary. Standard lipo

procedures can put someone out of commission for three to four

weeks, whereas with vaser, one to three days is the expected

downtime. Bruising and swelling are also dramatically reduced with

this procedure in comparison to standard lipo, and as for scarring:

minimal, if at all. All of these things make it a much more appealing


Problems that can be eradicated with this treatment include love

handles, bingo wings and double chins, and tricky areas that can be

affected by age and childbearing such as the upper and lower

abdomen and the thighs can also be targeted.

After this treatment, available from botonics Harley Street clinic in

London, customers quickly begin to feel not only that bit thinner but

more confident. If you have any queries about where along with how you can work with ดูดไขมันต้นแขน, you'll be able to contact us on our own website. The style of the process means that the skin tightens

again in a natural way, so that customers feel fabulous in less than a

month, showing off their bodies in ways that they would not have

dared to before.