If you’re a roofer, or you own a roofing company, you need to have roofers insurance. Even if you’re a roofing expert, who’s been fine-tuning your skills for the past 20 years, it’s still important that you have some kind of insurance on hand. Why? Roofers need insurance in case an accident happens, and accidents happen quite often during roofing projects. The following are a few of the important reasons to get insurance and what insurance can cover for you.

Want To Avoid A Lawsuit?

If you want to avoid a lawsuit, then getting contractors liability insurance is of the utmost importance. Let’s say you’re working on an owner’s roof and a tool falls and hits the owner on the head - giving them a concussion. In this case, you are liable for the owner’s injuries because your actions caused the incident to happen. If the owner of the property is severely injured, they may attempt to sue you. Without liability insurance you might have to pay an out-of-pocket settlement. However, with liability insurance your insurance company helps to cover the damages.

You Might Need It To Work

In some cases, there’s no way around getting insurance. Many project owners require contractors to provide proof of insurance before beginning a project, and some require it even before hiring contractors for a job. Even if the homeowner doesn’t ask for proof of liability insurance it might be illegal for you to continue working in the first place. Why? Some cities don’t allow businesses to operate without insurance. If your city requires you to have insurance, you won’t be able to accept projects until you do so.

What Will Your Insurance Do For You?

For starters, your coverage will protect you in the event you or one of your workers injures a person on a project site. Liability coverage will also protect you if one of your workers injures themselves while working. Whether it comes to minor or major injuries, liability insurance can cover doctors visits, prescription medications, surgeries and so forth. However, without insurance you might be responsible for covering all of these things yourself.

As you can see, roofing insurance works to protect you, your workers, and your business. Without liability insurance you could end up getting sued and your business would be in jeopardy. You should also remember that some cities actually require roofers to have some type of insurance in order to operate. Lastly, your insurance will work to cover you under a variety of circumstances.