The most elemental piece to the puzzle in reducing boat vibrations, keeping up the water flow, and steering around tight turns is the propeller. It is also one of the boat parts that gets the most abuse. Boat owners must stay on top of the quality of their propellers by bringing their boat up monthly and inspecting their quality. Re-pitching can be helpful in avoiding a costly replacement. But, the right replacement could ward off the need for re-pitching for a very long time.

A Need Replacement Needs Hydrobite Technology

Mot boat propellers have a very specific type of modular design. The curvature of the blades are essential in transferring water over the surface of the Boat Props. Piranha propellers use what is called a hydrobite feature. They are present on the part of the blade that receives the highest pressure. They generally assist in steering and maintaining water flow. They will reduce that vibration that accentuates throughout the boat, and they are most effective in tight turns where ventilation is poor and water is too tightly squeezed through a tight area around the propellers. Re-pitching will not be as necessary with propellers that have built-in hydrobites. Consider that when looking for new composite boat propellers.

Replacements After Damage

Typical wear-and-tear is to be expected, but what about damage? Great propellers are designed with shock-resistant features. The shock-resistance established in the Boat Prop will dramatically decrease the chance of lower damage to the lower unit. Any damage will likely be because of the driver going into an area he or she does not belong. There are many clues as to shallow waters, rocky shores, etc.

Interchangeable Blades

A replacement is costly. It is especially frustrating after running into shallow waters and damaging a single blade. Re-pitching, though more affordable and a bit easier, is not always the most practical option. After a re-pitch, the blades could still be worn with rust and marks. The perfect median between re-pitching and replacing is potentially interchangeable blades. A new Boat Prop with interchangeable blades will ward off any new replacement for a very long time. It also means that re-pitching is unnecessary. Users can simply swap out the blades as needed. They can still use their boat while the other blade (now removed) is being re-pitched at the shop.

Find interchangeable blades at Ask about re-pitching and how often it needs to be done. To avoid having to do it, consider high-end grade propellers used in boats that are in the water nine months out of the year or more.