A river cruise is the perfect vacation holiday for that person who calls themselves a hopeless romantic. These boats make a wonderful place for wine lovers to gather and learn more about this time honored art. To meet these goals, there are a number of river cruises for wine lovers that explore the great rivers of Europe.

While there are many considerations when choosing a cruise that meets all of your interests, for that person who wishes to sample and buy international wines there can be no better way to see Europe. Activities for guests on the boat include lectures about the art of wine making and how various regions of the world have developed their own original products using grapes grown in their geographic area.

One of the most exciting aspects of a trip like this, is the great variety of foods that are available for food lovers to enjoy, often for the first time. A variable plethora of wines are served with these local chef prepared dishes. This includes white wines for fish and poultry, with robust red wines for meat entrees. Sweet dessert wines traditionally accompany rich cakes, pastries and puddings after the meal itself.

While cruise guests get a chance to taste delicacies that would be unavailable in their part of the world, they will also be able to take these recipes and cooking methods back home with them.When their boat stops at port, tours of regional vineyards and wineries are arranged by the staff. Some of these wine making venues have been owned and operated by the same families for hundreds of years.

Not only are wine lover cruises perfect for the romantic couple, they are also inspiring for those people who wish to learn more about world history. Along their travels, they will be able to attend wine tastings in authentic castles, wine cellars and rustic old world taverns and pubs. In addition to being able to see Europe from its famous waterways, cruise guests are able to see and visit the many unique fishing villages that sprung up along these rivers throughout history.