Central air conditioners have two different components in separate locations. One component is the condenser unit, which is located on the outside of the home and AC Repair Lawrenceville is generally found sitting on a concrete block. The other is called the evaporator coil and is usually installed at the main duct junction located just above the home's furnace.

The majority of air conditioners are connected to the home via the existing forced air system. This allows the same motor, duct work and blower that heats the house to be used to distribute cool air from the air conditioning system as well. Basically, central air conditioners operate by drawing out the hot air from inside the home through the existing return air duct. That same hot air is forced, by the blower, to go across the evaporator coil in the air conditioning system. The air is cooled by the movement over the evaporator coil then returned to the home through the ducts, thereby cooling the house.

With central air conditioners, the evaporator and the condenser systems are sealed and usually inaccessible except by professional air conditioning companies. If work is needed on the evaporator or the condenser, it is best to call in a professional. A professional service is needed for most maintenance issues other than simple cleaning or a slight temperature issue. Also, it is best to have central air conditioners inspected by licensed professionals at least once a year. When the inspection is done, any adjustments needed can be completed at the same time.

There are things that homeowners can do themselves to keep air conditioners running at peak performance levels. But any work done by a homeowner should be done with caution. Turning off the power to the system for both the condenser (outside unit) and the evaporator (mounted on the main duct junction) before doing any work is a safety must. If the condenser doesn't run, possible issues are no power going to the condenser or the thermostat is set too high. Both of these are simple fixes as fuses can be checked to see if they are blown or tripped and the thermostat can be lowered a bit to fix the temperature. All other possibilities for the condenser not running, require a service call. If the house isn't cooling enough then the thermostat may need to be lowered or the evaporator may need a simple cleaning. These are a few of the simple fixes that can be done without a repair call, but when in doubt, call a professional service company. Heating Repair Buford and Air Conditioning Repair Buford are generally just a phone call away with many qualified and professional companies available all year round. Quality Air Conditioning Repair Suwanee and Air Conditioning Repair Lawrenceville is easily accessible as well.