Purchasing bitcoins with a credit card is a newer option with the stereotyped alternative currency. There are a number of obstacles making bitcoin purchases with a credit card a little clunky and difficult. Though these obstacles are being worked on, it still holds back the ability to buy Bitcoins with a few single clicks. Below are a few common obstacles making the bridge between buying bitcoins and receiving bitcoins just a little more convoluted.

Little PayPal Support

Leave it to governmental restrictions. Leave it to PayPal policies or a perceived lack of demand. No matter which way you cut it, PayPal support for bitcoin purchases are slim. PayPal is the leading utility for buying items online, and connecting a ground-based bank account to a web bank. This has become a rather frustrating obstacle for many bitcoin owners because the platform PayPal has created is so intuitive. Freelancers inherently rely on PayPal to make money, and a vast majority of web transactions (including Ebay purchases) are integrated through PayPal.

Location Restrictions

Many individuals ask how to buy bitcoins with credit card. The answer to this question will often depend on location. The United States market is substantially more restricted than the UK market. There are places to buy bitcoins with credit card in both countries, but US citizens currently have a little tougher time. Their will most certainly be changes, but the inconsistencies from one country to the other is a standing obstacle.

Reversed Transactions

A simple call to the credit card company could reverse a charge on the account. Unfortunately, people take advantage of this feature from the credit card companies, and they reverse bitcoin purchases. The whole field of bitcoin is a little stigmatized, which leads many credit companies to currently remove anything related to the currency. A few protective measures help, but it is slowing acceptance rates down.

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