Owning a single-serve coffee machine does not mean having to stick to a single type of coffee. Units from Keurig, Nescafe, and other manufacturers are admired for the ease with which they allow cups of coffee to be made, but some owners fall into a rut. It can seem easiest to simply buy what is on the shelves at the local store, but the reality is that there is a huge selection of coffee pods available for these machines.

Discovering that can take looking through the selection of a specialist like Coffee Pod King, though. Most local retailers stock only one or two kinds of coffee per machine type, often confining themselves to a decaffeinated selection and one containing unadulterated coffee grounds. A quick look at the huge product range at coffeepodking.com, though, will show that owners of such machines can actually take advantage of some impressive variety.

Some of the best sellers at Tassimo discs and similar stores, in fact, are unlikely to be found at brick and mortar establishments at all. While Nescafe's Dolce Gusto espresso drink is a favorite of online buyers, its availability at retail has remained thin for a number of reasons. This means that those who prefer this sweet, satisfying beverage are typically better off looking for it online.

Even those who prefer to stick with simple, straight espresso have more in the way of selection online. Pods that produce the short, dense ristretto shots preferred by many aficionados are widely available through online sellers, but are virtually impossible to find at most local retailers. Once again, simply doing coffee shopping online can therefore make a big difference.

The same basic idea holds for owners of Keurig coffee brewing machines. While the owner of Keurig, Green Mountain Coffee, does make and widely distribute a pretty impressive range of coffee blends, that is actually just the beginning. Shoppers who browse through the selection online will find that there are hundreds of alternatives from third-party sellers, including some fairly exotic coffees that would be rare to come across even in bean form.

For anyone who owns such a machine and is becoming bored with the usual selection, then, it can make excellent sense to spend some time shopping online. While local retailers can only devote so much shelf space to pods, online ones that specialize in this type of consumable generally offer a much more satisfying selection of them.