Building a home is more than just making sure the home fits the homeowner's needs. Rather, it's ensuring the home and property are properly designed for the safety and comfort of all who live in the home. This means that there's work to be done on the property before the first shovel hits the ground. Before designing and building any home, the homeowner will need to have the property surveyed. Below are a few things the surveyor will look for.

Determine Property Lines

Property lines can vary depending on when a report was made and who did the report. Unfortunately, this can cause neighborhood disputes if one of the homeowners believes their property extends further than it actually does. One way to prevent this is to have a surveyor plot and mark the actual property line before anything else is done with the property.

Site Grading

A home cannot be built on a slant. It needs to be built on level ground, even if the ground needs to be leveled before this works. A surveyor can determine the grade, or slant, of the land to determine whether leveling is going to be needed and, if so, how much. This is extremely important before beginning to design the home since the leveling will need to be part of the plan. It can also be used to determine the precise location for the home if one area will not have to be leveled as much as another.

Stormwater Runoff

Once the home is built, the storm water needs to run away from the home to protect the foundation. The surveyor can mark any areas where storm water tends to puddle or could cause flooding. This way, this can be handled with the design of the home to protect the home and property from the acclimation of storm water. It can also be helpful when determining where to put the home to avoid areas on the property that may be more prone to flooding in certain situations.

Having a property surveyed is an important part of building a home. It helps the homeowner ensure the home is able to be built the way they want it. For more information about surveying before a home is built, contact Cochran today. Or, take a look at now.