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How Does Google Index Tweets?

In this study we explored the way that Google indexes tweets. The reason we embarked on this was to determine the likelihood that Google might use signals from...


MY COMMENTS:  Results of a study by Stone Temple Consulting shared by Mike Allton, The Social Media Hat, via his Google+ post stream. Truthfully it's something I never really wondered about it, as I just assumed Google indexed everything on the planet! :)

Study brought a lot of things to my attention that I did not know and confirmed what I did know. I did not know that it would take millions of followers before my tweets were deemed “worthy”. I did know that if I put my Twitter handle (cmoneyspinner) in the search engine box, and narrowed down the search query to the site ( -

- my Tweets would show up in the search results. It's interesting which ones appear on the first page of results.  So now all I have do is persuade everybody else on the worldwide web to FOCUS ON FINDING ME!!! :)

The Book is For All People Content first appeared at...

The Book is For All People

Content first appeared at Jan 4, 2015.

Believers and non-believers have argued and debated about the facts presented in the Book aka the Bible, for thousands of years. Is it true or is it false? No consensus has ever been reached. But both groups agree that the scriptures are fascinating reading.

- The story line that is woven from Genesis to Revelation.
- The descriptions of the lands or nations and the inhabitants and a view of what life was like during biblical times.
- The recording and reporting of significant historical events; though some choose to call them fanciful stories or legends.
- Wise proverbs and profound parables. Beautiful poetry and song lyrics (nobody really knows what the music sounded like).

Almost every year, many make a New Year’s Resolution that they are going to read the entire Bible. They schedule daily readings and by the end of 365 days (366 during Leap Year), hope to have accomplished what they set out to do. How hard can it be?

* The times have truly changed, haven’t they?

There was once a time when the scriptures were a closely guarded “secret”. The common man was not allowed to view these words. Self-appointed “keepers” who considered themselves a sort of “religious elite” decided that they were the only ones that should possess this knowledge and they were the only ones capable of interpreting and teaching the “hidden meanings”. They refused to allow the Bible to be translated or read by ordinary folk.

Brave men, at great peril to their lives, dared not just to read the Word but to translate it into plain English. William Tyndale (1494 – 1536) was forced into exile and later burned to death as a heretic. But not before he translated the Bible into English. He was determined. There were others who like Tyndale were willing to risk it all.

These days, anybody could actually read the Bible in a year or even less than a year. In fact, people don’t even have to read any more! Just listen. The Bible is available on cassette tapes, CD, DVD, audio files via the Internet, etc. Translations are in English and hundreds of other languages. Indeed, the Israel Museum partnered with Google, and undertook the Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Project to make these ancient manuscripts available for up-close and personal examination by everyday people! [ ]

* Yep yep. We’ve come a long way baby!

Advice for Newbie Bloggers Content first appeared at...

Advice for Newbie Bloggers

Content first appeared at Jan 2, 2015.

* Advice and Encouragement for Newbie Bloggers *

Blog is short for weblog. Before there were blogs, there were websites. At least that was the case with me. A blog can be a stand alone project or it can serve as an enhancement to your website. There are several blog publishing platforms and most will allow you to try their service free.

- (or
- Webs Blog (an app provided by

Publishing the blog is the easy part. Circulating and building traffic to it is … a job and a half times three! Honestly, you feel like you need yourself and two (2) more employees for this aspect of the blogging process!

The impact of social media networks on blog traffic is too huge to ignore. So you need to facilitate post sharing. The platforms mentioned above actually come with the social media sharing mechanisms built-in. Everybody knows the major networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and Reddit. Create accounts at these sites but look around for other professional or social networks like, and

In addition, there are lots of content curation, automated post-sharing and traffic tools you can use to circulate your posts to a wider audience. Many have free plans and offer upgraded packages.

Some of the sites do double duty, meaning that they are set up:
- for networking, meeting people for socializing and growing your professional connections; and
- for sharing links and inviting others to visit your blog or website. Take advantage of as many of them as you can.

Here are a few free tools:

What’s that? No I didn’t tackle SEO or search engine optimization. That’s because it’s still tackling me. Read, research, learn and then … learn some more! Let me put it this way. If I had waited to master SEO, I wouldn’t be writing this and sharing it for aspiring or newbie bloggers because the SEO monster is scary! There is no shortage of information on the topic and even though you may not be the geek-type, you need to know or try to understand some of it. Nevertheless, you can or should get started blogging and learn SEO as you go.

Finally, no matter what kind of blogging platform you choose, you can burn a feed using the Google feedburner ( ). The two neatest features of this service are: Ping Shot and Socialize. “Ping Shot” notifies web-based feed reading services each time your blog is updated – a new post or an update to a published post. “Socialize” is an auto-post update and all newly published posts are shared via your Twitter account in real-time.

Blogging may at first seem like a daunting work effort, but don’t be deterred or discouraged or frightened because you don’t understand SEO. It’s a worthwhile home business endeavor and great therapy! Do it part-time or full-time. Use it for primary income or to generate additional income.

So are you thinking about blogging? Hope this info helps you make the right decision. Happy Blogging!

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