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How Does Google Index Tweets?

In this study we explored the way that Google indexes tweets. The reason we embarked on this was to determine the likelihood that Google might use signals from...


MY COMMENTS:  Results of a study by Stone Temple Consulting shared by Mike Allton, The Social Media Hat, via his Google+ post stream. Truthfully it's something I never really wondered about it, as I just assumed Google indexed everything on the planet! :)

Study brought a lot of things to my attention that I did not know and confirmed what I did know. I did not know that it would take millions of followers before my tweets were deemed “worthy”. I did know that if I put my Twitter handle (cmoneyspinner) in the search engine box, and narrowed down the search query to the site ( -

- my Tweets would show up in the search results. It's interesting which ones appear on the first page of results.  So now all I have do is persuade everybody else on the worldwide web to FOCUS ON FINDING ME!!! :)

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