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Trusting the Cloud: Is This The Best Option for Backing up Data?

(image)If we could over-exaggerate for a moment, we’d like to remind you that there are 300 different options to back up your data. Obviously not that many, but there are a lot. You’ve got cloud-based servers, external hard drives, backup programs, and manual back up options. While you’re looking at your options for your home or business you’ve got to think carefully: is this option the best for me?

Just because something seems easy doesn’t mean it’s right. You’ve got to ensure that you’re going to get the proper encryption and space for all the information you want to protect. One of the easier methods that are gaining a lot of traction is cloud-based back up services. Remember, there is a different between cloud storage and cloud backup. You need to be aware of all the issues surrounding both:

When you ask an average consumer or a small business owner if protecting or backing up data is important, chances are, almost all would say yes.

When you ask them how they are doing it now, responses vary. In a recent survey, one said "I store everything in my Gmail.” Another response: "We store all our data in our Google Drive or a Dropbox account.” When we dig deeper and ask them if they are protecting all or most of the data on their computer or just a few files or folders inside the sync folder, they realize they are not protecting most of their critical data.

We asked mobile users, too. Some said they use Facebook or Dropbox to back up their pictures. But is Facebook really the way to protect your mobile data? Does that backup your documents or contacts? Again, they realized the true picture once we started digging deeper.

We talked to some small business owners as well. Again, the typical response is "We use Dropbox," and when asked, "Does that protect your Outlook files or QuickBooks data, or your Exchange or SQL servers,” the reality sets in.

Cloud Storage vs Cloud Backup

Dropbox and Google Drive are fantastic for what they are for. They are some of easiest, best designed cloud storage services. You can use them for storing, sharing, editing, and playing.

But when it comes to protecting your data, specialized backup services are the best. IDrive, for example, provides one of the most comprehensive solutions for backing up data on your PCs, Macs, servers, iPhones, Android and other mobile devices, and it is almost as easy to use as the general purpose cloud storage services.


You don’t want to play fast and loose with your data. If you are backing up client data from your business you also want to ensure that all the information you’re collecting and storing is protected to the best of your ability. Once you lose a customer’s trust you’ll have a very hard time getting it back. Save yourself the headache.

As you’ve read, cloud backup is actually pretty useful and easy to use. It’s a win-win situation that will allow you to relax; if only for a little bit.

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JustCloud – Tons Of Features For A Small Price

(image)JustCloud is a place where you can file all of your files in the cloud. By using JustCloud, you are able to access all of your files at any time, no matter where you are, and no matter what device you are using. When you use the professional JustCloud storage system, it is very simple, fast, and the amount of files you can store on the system is unlimited. You can safely store and backup all of your photos, documents, videos, music, and more and not have to worry about losing any of your valuable information you have.

Procedures Involved in Using JustCloud

The procedure that is involved is being able to use JustCloud is so simple it is hard to even believe it. All you need to do with JustCloud is to choose the files that you want to store, upload Cloud, and then you are able to access your valuable files no matter where you are or what device you are using.

Why Would You Choose to Use JustCloud?

The question should probably be, why would you not choose JustCloud more than why you would choose to use JustCloud. It is so simple and valuable to use JustCloud, there is no way that you can go wrong by using the software/mobile app.

Unlimited JustCloud Storage

Unlike any of the other cloud storage services that are around, when you decide to use JustCloud, you do not have to be limited to the amount of files you are able to store. You can enjoy the possibilities of unlimited online storage with no worries about losing any of your information.

Mobile Device Apps

People like to use their mobile devices for everything and being able to use JustCloud on them is no exception. You can safely backup all of your photos from your phone, and upload any voice memos and text notes quickly and easily by using the mobile app. Just think about being able to open, print and share any of your documents and photos while you are on the move while using your mobile phone.

Automated Backups

When you use JustCloud, you do not even have to worry about backing up all of your valuable information. All of your files are automatically backed up for you. You have a 0% chance of losing your valuable information.


JustCloud takes the security and privacy of your data very seriously. All your files are encrypted with 265 Bit Encryption.

Access Files Anywhere

No matter where you are, you are able to access your files either on your computer, on the online control panel, or on your mobile app. Your files will always be at your fingertips.

Lost Laptop Tracker

(image)If you have lost or even had your laptop stolen, you are really going to love this special perk of JustCloud. By using JustCloud, you will be able to find the location of your laptop on an hourly basis to be able to find out where it is at. If you are not able to retrieve it, you will still be able to easily recover all of your lost files from your JustCloud account.

Syncing Multiple Computers

When you set up an account with JustCloud, you are able to automatically sync your files across all of the computers you have. All you need to do is to decide which files you want to sync and JustCloud will send them to the cloud.

Drag and Drop

When you want to back up your data files, you are able to easily just drag and drop your files to your JustCloud app or online control panel. It does not get much easier than being able to drag and drop your files.

Sharing Files

Another great feature that many people like with JustCloud is the capability of being able to share your files with your friends and family. It is as simple as inviting them to view your files either by email, Facebook, Twitter or just by giving them your own custom JustCloud link.

24/7 Tech Support

If you ever have questions about using JustCloud, you are able to contact them 24 hours a day.

Devices That Work with JustCloud

No matter what device you are using, you are going to be able to use JustCloud. There are many different apps that you can use no matter what device you are using. You can quickly and easily download apps for your iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry. You do not have to be using your hard drive in order to be able to backup and access your files. The following devices will work with JustCloud:

  • Windows 8, 7, XP, and Vista PC
  • Apple Mac
  • Linux
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Kindle Fire

How to Sign Up for JustCloud

If you want to sign up for JustCloud, all you need to do is to go to, and create an account. Once you have set up an account, you will be taken to a page to download the software and will be able have your PC automatically backed up. After you sign up, you can also install apps to use on many of your other devices you use on a daily basis.

Price for Using JustCloud

It is pretty reasonable to use the JustCloud software or mobile app. The price will depend upon the amount of storage you want to have. The price breakdowns are as follows:

PlanAmount Per MonthTotal Amount for 2 YearsHome Plan (75 GB)$4.49$107.81Premium Plan (250 GB)$4.95$118.85Unlimited Plan$6.95$166.85



JustCloud is a great program for anyone that wants to safely store all of their valuable data on any of their computers, tablets, and phones. The program is simple enough for anyone to use. You can either use the program on the JustCloud website or you can use an app. The program/app is reasonably priced and the price will depend upon how much data you wish to store. The program is not for everyone but if you are one who is wanting to store information for the average person, it will be a great choice for you.


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Is A Data Storage Startup A Good Model?

(image)Entrepreneurism is a fast-growing occupation. Many young people are using their minds and foregoing the traditional joining of a company after graduation to focus on creating their own space within their chosen industry. It’s an exhilarating change in the work-force but not everyone is successful. Every day startups open and close and some of those companies live for less than a week. It’s a tough market out there and people are constantly trying to find ways to make themselves useful and relevant.

If this sounds like you you’ve probably been given a lot of advice about starting your own business. Sometimes people will say: “What you see is what you get” when it comes to the market. But remember; “All that glitters is not gold.” This is so true when it comes to data storage startups:

Quick pop quiz question: When was the last time a data storage company successfully went public, and is still an independent public company today?

Answer: November 1995. The company was NetApp.

The fact that it was more than two decades ago, an eternity in IT time, tells you a lot about the hazards of the storage market for new entrants and the challenges that startups face to survive and thrive in our very competitive industry. If you’ve scoped out the market landscape recently, you’ve no doubt come across a bunch of new names in addition to the long-established leaders like HPE. You’ll have seen what looks like a vibrant, healthy ecosystem of smaller players alongside familiar industry pillars.

That apparently reassuring surface hides a grim new reality for storage startups. The ground has shifted suddenly and quite dangerously beneath their feet. Their lives have changed irrevocably, though they may not have realized it yet. Storage decision-makers should be aware of the new challenges facing the startup ecosystem and be prepared for a major shakeout.

Where did all the sugar daddies go?

The first shock wave for the startup ecosystem is the rise of technologies that exploit tighter integration with other core elements of the datacenter, specifically compute and networking. As I noted in a recent Computerworld article, Twilight of the Pure-play Storage Gods, the glory days of the pure-play providers are drawing to a close. The world is moving toward full-stack vendors. If the need to engage with that reality was enough to push EMC into the arms of Dell, it will certainly tax the resources of new entrants to the standalone storage space.

The second tremor is a wave of consolidation and M&A saturation among potential buyers of startup technologies, the top-tier storage vendors. Very few startups can count on being as fortunate as EMC in finding a buyer for the simple reason that there are very few buyers left in the market.


If you’re looking to start a business and then sell it to make a profit, this might not be the path for you. As you’ve read, it’s not that starting up a data storage business is difficult: it’s selling it that can be tricky. The market is full of these companies and if you’re looking to make some money this might not be the venture for you.

That’s alright. Just because this plan may not work out the way you want it to, doesn’t mean your other plans will follow the same path. Do your research, plan and prepare, and get out there, kid.


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Dropbox – Classic, Old School Leader In The Space

(image)If you’re new to cloud computing, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Cloud computing puts the human aspect back into computers. Communication and collaboration push companies to the top. We’re not just talking about how companies might communicate with clients, but also internally within their own four walls of business.

Enter online synchronization. Upload your files Dropbox, then download them later…from any computer, tablet, or phone connected to the internet. Edit the file on your computer at home, save it to Dropbox, and open the same file at work, with all the edits saved. No more printing to get a file from one place to another. No more carrying flash drives on your key chain or worse, risk losing them.

Dropbox is one of several cloud computing platforms that allows for this kind of synchronization. There are others, but the strength of Dropbox lies with its simplicity and scalability. Files in your Dropbox are automatically synchronized across all systems and platforms with the same account. Google Drive and Apple’s iCloud are a few that offer similar services, but they are not always easy. These are powerful features, and will supplement anyone’s move to an online life.

The Creators

Two MIT students, Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi, saw a need for easier file sharing between devices for users. While it was possible to share files with flash drives, they envisioned an easier way share files online. Dropbox was born, using cloud storage to edit and synchronize files.

The Review

Dropbox quickly became one of the most popular cloud storage solutions. A free account will get you 2GB of data you can access anywhere. Download the mobile or desktop app from their website to get started.

The Desktop App

The desktop app for Windows® will allow you to share folders on your hard drive and set permissions for those you share it with. It comes equipped with a context menu change ~ right click on a folder and navigate to the new Dropbox menu. You can drag and drop to the website if you don’t wish to install anything. When you share a folder, its contents will be available from your account on the Dropbox website

The Mobile App

There are two versions of this app, each one suited to the two major mobile operating systems; Android and Apple iOS. Unlike the desktop version where you navigate to the file location to share or upload a folder, the mobile app requires you to navigate to the app itself. There are options that allow you to add files or videos from within the app.


Dropbox doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. You drag and drop files. Users take advantage of this in a variety of ways, keeping one or two files on there to keeping an entire team in collaboration. Multiple people signed into the same account can access the files, and each one is updated in real time. Other than the ability to share files and have an online storage space, Dropbox doesn’t have all the extras. They like to keep it that way.

Dropbox Support

(image)I noticed that Dropbox support took after the major tech companies, namely Microsoft and Apple, to develop their support system. These two giants aren’t the only ones that use this system, and Dropbox didn’t copy them. They use a knowledge base article system rather than a simple list of frequently asked questions. Each article aims to answer a common question using step-by-step instructions that a customer might ask if they called in for phone support. Each one is detailed, with relevant graphics to show you in the easiest way possible how to use Dropbox.

How Dropbox Works

Dropbox is a cloud storage service. It is not a personal backup solution. While it is possible to upload entire folders, and business accounts can purchase up to 1TB of storage space, it is more of a file transfer service.

The first step is obvious, like any service you sign up for online, you create an account. Once you’re signed in, play around with it. Drop files here and there. Download and install the desktop application. The service doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as Google Drive, but that’s okay because that’s what their aim was: simplicity. By making things as simple as possible, they have won themselves a loyal following.

Dropbox shines when you want to share a file. When you share a file, you set permissions on what they can do with the file, like read only or full editing permissions. Files are shared with links you can email to others. They click on the link you send them (Dropbox creates the link), and they are taken to the file’s location on Dropbox.

The mobile app works in a similar manner. You can access the files you have on Dropbox with your phone and tablet. Optimized for tablet and phone use, you can find them in their respective marketplaces. When you edit a file in one location, Dropbox updates the files in all your locations where ever you might be signed into Dropbox..


Just because Dropbox is simple to use doesn’t mean your data isn’t secure. Dropbox boasts the highest online security technologies in use with AES-256 bit encryption. This is the same level encryption banks use. No file is shared unless it is intentionally shared by the owner.

What if you delete a file? Dropbox keeps earlier versions of files on their server for 30 days to cover this. If your computer crashes, don’t sweat it. Every file you have on Dropbox can be retrieved even if you’re signed into Dropbox on the computer that gets damaged. Computers can be replaced and upgraded; data cannot. Every file on Dropbox remains safe.

The Mighty Dropbox

Dropbox is simple and powerful. It does one thing and does it well. Dropbox has its limitations, but that’s why people like it. Most people do not know cryptic computer languages. They deal in English and Dropbox recognizes that. It doesn’t get much easier than a simple drag and drop. Because it doesn’t have any of the features of the other providers, I give Dropbox 8 out of 10 stars. It is an excellent service.

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Backup Your Data, And Avoid Problems

(image)It’s almost common sense to back up your photos and videos from your phone onto your laptop or desk top. But what about the files on your actual computer?

Most people don’t carry separate cameras anymore with extra data cards. Most people take photos with their phone and once the pictures are safely transferred to their computer, they delete the original from the phone to free up space to take some more.

This can pose a problem if you aren’t backing up your files. Have you thought about backing up your files? It’s not very difficult. You use an external hard drive and schedule a backup to occur once a week or more frequently. If you don’t want an external drive taking up valuable desk real estate you can coordinate backing up to a cloud-based program like DropBox.

The important thing here, in case you missed it, is to back up your files!

You don’t want to be like this guy and learn about the importance of backing up your files the hard way:

Michael Friedman learned the hard way how important it is to back up computers.

About 10 years ago, the hard drive on his wife’s computer, where they kept all their family photos, died and the data wasn’t backed up anywhere. Friedman, who lives in San Jose, sent the drive off to a data recovery service to try to salvage his pictures. He was lucky. He didn’t lose anything, but it cost him a small fortune — somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000.

Friedman’s sister-in-law wasn’t so fortunate. About a year or two later, the hard drive on her computer crashed in such a way that the data on it wasn’t recoverable. She ended up losing years of data, he said.

“She has no photos of the birth of her first son,” said Friedman, 46, a software developer at Polyvore, which was recently acquired by Yahoo. “They were all on the hard drive that she lost. She can never recover those.”

With smartphones and tablets sucking up more and more of our computing time, the humble PC may not get much attention these days. But even with cloud services proliferating, your PC likely contains your only copies of much of your most important and precious data, including your photos, music collection and financial and personal documents.


Just sit back and imagine that for a moment. Imagine that you’ve just lost all the photos of your first concert, the files you needed to file your taxes and the essay you spent three hours working on. Imagine how the pit of your stomach is going to harden and sink when you realize you can’t get those memories back.

All of that can be avoided if you just back up your files. All it takes is a few simple clicks of the mouse, a simple purchase (if you want to go the external route), or a simple registration with a cloud-based service.

Now then. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

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CrashPlan – The Most Ways To Backup That Data!

(image)There are many services that offer backup services or storage via the cloud but the most flexible and comprehensive service on offer must be that of CrashPlan. The variety of ways that it enables you to back up your data covers pretty much every eventuality that you can consider. You can back up your data locally to a separate hard disc, in a different location to a friend’s computer or online, where your data is backed up to multiple locations.

CrashPlan Local Backup Overview

This is a free download. One downloaded you can quickly backup your data to an external hard drive or a second computer that has CrashPlan downloaded on to it using the same email address.

CrashPlan Offsite Backup Overview

Both you and your friend needs to download the free CrashPlan program. You then exchange a 6 digit pass code. You then can back up your files onto their computer and they can back up their files on to your computer. Due to the encryption they are unable to see your files and you are unable to see theirs.

CrashPlan Online Backup Overview

This is a fuller featured paid for service from CrashPlan. Your data is backed up to remote servers over the internet. All you data is stored in three separate locations for added safety incase or server failure. All data is fully encrypted during transmission and storage.

CrashPlan Local

The overview pretty much says it all. This is a very simple backup system that you do to either an external hard drive or to an old computer. The old computer does not even need to use the same operating system as the one you are backing up from. As these backups are not done over the internet they are very quick to carry out.

CrashPlan Offsite

This is a great idea that gives both you and your chosen friend the added peace of mind that if anything should happen, such as a fire or flood in one location you both know that there is a copy of your data stored safely elsewhere. If you already have CrashPlan all you need to do is send your friend an invite to join CrashPlan. When they sign up using their email address that you gave to CrashPlan they will appear as a backup destination in you CrashPlan control panel. You can then backup as you would normally. If your friend is already a user you just exchange the 6 digit alphanumeric code that you each have and you will appear in each other’s destination tabs. You can each limit the amount of disc space that each other can use and the data is kept secure by 448 bit encryption so that you cannot see the other person’s data. Both computers must be switched on to run the backups. This is carried out over the internet so, depending on connection speed, the initial back up could take some considerable time. This time can be reduced by using a seeded backup. See below for a fuller explanation.

CrashPlan Online

This is a paid for fully featured version of CrashPlan. There are a variety of options to choose from. One of the advantages of this system is that the amount of data that you can store is literally unlimited. Plus you can access your data that has been backed up either using a free to download app or from a different computer.

The initial backup that is performed is a full backup. This can take some time to do and to speed up the process a seeded backup can be used (see below for fuller explanation). After the initial backup CrashPlan uses what is called de-duplication backup. It checks any file that it automatically sees has been altered. It checks the new version with the old version then only backs up the parts that have been changed. This reduces the time and bandwidth needed to back up your data.

Should you ever suffer a catastrophic loss of data there are two options available to you. You can store your data over the internet, which can obviously take a great deal of time of you can order a Restore-to Door service. With this service CrashPlan will copy all your data to a hard drive and send the drive to you by courier. Although this may take a few days to reach you the full backup will usually be completed much faster this way.

Features Offered by CrashPlan Subscription

  • Online cloud storage
  • External hard drive
  • Offsite to other computers
  • Automatic & unattended backups
  • No bandwidth caps
  • No file size limits
  • Multiple backup sets
  • Incremental & differential backups
  • Continuous backups
  • Individual file selection
  • Backup scheduling
  • Pause backups on low battery
  • Pause backups over selected network interfaces
  • Pause backups over Wi-Fi networks
  • Optional seeded backup
  • Data encrypted before transmitting
  • 448 bit file encryption
  • 128 bit AES transmission encryption
  • Private password for restore
  • User-generated private key
  • Customizable status reporting
  • Restore Features
  • Keep deleted files forever
  • Unlimited file versions retained
  • Self-healing archives
  • Restore individual files
  • Web browser file access / restore
  • Mobile app file access
  • Optional Restore-to-Door courier service
  • Priority support

Seed Drive for Initial Backup

(image)The initial backup will always be the biggest. Subsequent backups only backup the data that has changed since the previous backup so are much faster. This is a way for the initial backup to be completed as quickly as possible. For users of the free CrashPlan Offsite service, you can take an external drive and backup your data to there. Then physically give the device to your friend for them to add in to your folder on their computer and you do the same for them. Subsequent online backups will then only transmit the details that are different to the initial backup. For subscribers to CrashPlan you can subscribe to the optional seeding service where they send you a hard disc which is returned for them to make the initial data backup on their servers.

CrashPlan Summary

As can be seen, by using CrashPlan the variety of options are wide and far ranging with many great features, even with the free versions. The idea of being able to store your data offsite at a friend’s computer is great. Almost like having your own private secure cloud storage. It seems as if CrashPlan has spent a great deal of time looking at problems with data backup and then come up with solutions rather than just developing a system and saying, this is what we have, you work with this. This is a highly recommended backup system.

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MyPCBackup – Safe, Secure, Awesome!

(image)There are rumors that go around that say MyPCBackup is a scam but this is not true. There is an adware that has gone around that has MyPCBackup on it but this is not MyPCBackup as the ad says it is. MyPCBackup is a good online backup company that you can use. MyPCBackup is a product that will look very familiar to many people. MyPCBackup is owned by the same parent company that owns JustCloud. The company has a number of brands under their umbrella that are all good services, so you know MyPCBackup is a trusted brand. MyPCBackup is a cloud service that will back up all of your valuable files, photos, and more.

Price for MyPCBackup

When you download MyPCBackup on your computer, you will get the use the trial version free for 14 days. No credit is needed in any way to try out of software. Once you use the cloud service for 14 days, you will be asked about what you want to do next. The plan you will want to get will depend upon the amount of storage space you want and the amount of time you sign up for. There are two-year, one-year, semi-annual, and monthly pricing plans that you can sign up for. The longer you sign up for, the cheaper the price is going to be.

PlanAmount Per MonthTotal Amount for 2 YearsHome Plan (75 GB)$4.49$107.81Premium Plan (250 GB)$4.95$118.85Unlimited Plan$6.95$166.85


One great feature that is really good with MyPCBackup is that every plan comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. MyPCBackup is a good and economical choice for most of your personal users.

What Backup Services Do You Need?

(image)When you use MyPCBackup, it will give you all of the important features that you need. The program will sync the files between your devices, give you online access, give you the capability to share files with others, give you a computer restore, and will be able to backup any type of file you may have. Everything is automated, so there is not much that you are going to need to do.

How Secure Your Files Will Be

When you transfer your files to MyPCBackup, all of your valuable data will go to an online cloud storage system via a secure HTTPS. All of your files are stored in an Amazon S3 data center, which is known for its high security measures. When you want to access your files, you go to your online account.   MyPCBackup uses the same security and privacy practices that banks use.



One feature of MyPCBackup is the small pop-ups that will automatically appear on your computer screen letting you know when all of your files have not been backed up. Some people really like this feature but many people may think that this feature is kind of annoying.

Standout Features of MyPCBackup

MyPCBackup is good choice for backing up all of your data. It is not going to be the fastest online backup software but it does everything that you are going to need it to do. Some of the best features that you are most likely going to like about MyPCBackup include:

  • Great price
  • 100% automatic
  • Ability to backup all files (including .exe files)
  • Will sync all of your devices
  • You can access your files from any internet connected device you have
  • Unlimited number of files can be backed up
  • Capability to share your files
  • Very easy to use

There are a few features that MyPCBackup does not have that you should be aware of before you sign up with them. Some of these features include:

  • When you do a computer restore, it is slow
  • When backing your data up, your computer will slow down
  • Does not support Linux

Very Easy to Get Started with MyPCBackup

If you are ready to get started with backing up your files with MyPCBackup, there are just three easy steps that you need to do:

  • The first thing that you need to do is to sign up for a MyPCBackup account (go to
  • After you have signed up with a MyPCBackup account, you need to download the application.
  • Then all that you need to do is to protect your files. You just need to set the program up and the program will do the rest of the work for you.

When Your Files Are Backed Up

MyPCBackup is going to automatically back up your files to the cloud at the same exact time every day. If you are not happy with the time your files are being backed up, you can change it. You can always run a manual backup at any time. All of your data that you upload to the cloud is going to be secure and protected by a 256 bit SSL encryption system.

Files Are Accessible 24/7 No Matter Where You Are

All of your files are stored in the cloud. When you do this, is means that your files are not only safe and secure, but you are also able to have access to them no matter where you are, when it is or what device you are using. As long as you have an internet connection, you are going to be able to have access to your valuable files.

Final Verdict

MyPCBackUp is a good cloud storage program. You can easily backup all of your valuable data files in a secure environment without worrying about them being hacked into. Before you purchase a plan with MyPCBackup, it is definitely worth trying out the trial version for 14 days for free. All of the features that you are going to need are included with MyPCBackup, unless you want to have super quick speed while things are being backed up. The Instant Backup feature is a plus for many people. MyPCBackup Mobile shines higher than many other companies in regards to iOS, Android and Windows phones. One downside to the program is that if you want to upload video files or files over 5 GB in size, you are going to have to pay more.


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Carbonite – Powerhouse In The Backup World

Carbonite online backup service has one of the highest profiles of any online backup service. Almost everyone has heard of them in one way or another. Find out the truth as we pop the lid on Carbonite.

For most people familiar with online backups, Carbonite has become a household name. When online backups were just coming out on the scene, Carbonite was there with a myriad of ads telling you they were the one. It was a relatively new concept that took time to get traction. Slow and steady wins the race. How has Carbonite kept up?

Carbonite has become synonymous with online backup. Even if you’re one who has done no research, if I asked you about your familiarity with the concept of online backups, chances are you’d reply with, “You mean Carbonite, right? Yeah, I’ve heard of them”. Before you charge into the battlefield and buy your own account, let’s take things slow and steady ourselves and do what I do best: RESEARCH!!

Um…What is Carbonite?

(image)I’m so glad you asked. Carbonite is an online backup service for your PC. Carbonite was founded by David Friend and Jeff Flowers in 2005 in Boston, Massachusetts. Since then, they have grown to over 400 employees in multiple data centers across the United States. The idea for Carbonite segued over from data loss family members had experienced. Current methods of the time meant buying an external hard drive and remembering to back it up or spending a Saturday afternoon burning CDs. They needed an easier, more affordable method that kept up with dynamic data. Carbonite was born shortly thereafter.

Carbonite ranks well among its competitors and is a popular choice among consumers. Here’s why.

  • Automatic & Continuous Backup. Once installed, Carbonite does the rest in the background, keeping up with changes made on your hard drive. All you need is an internet connection.
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage. It doesn’t matter how much hard disk space you have. Carbonite will back up your entire drive; you needn’t worry about running out of cloud storage space.
  • Secure Transit & Storage. Carbonite encrypts your data before leaving your computer and going straight to one of their secure data centers.
  • Free Mobile Apps to Sync and Share Access. Carbonite has free apps for your phones and tablets, allowing you access to your files wherever you are. You’re not tied to your PC if you want to access your files.
  • Easy Restore Process. When data loss rears its ugly head—even if it’s crying over spilled milk on a keyboard—access to your data is a few clicks away.
  • S.-Based Support. Carbonite doesn’t outsource customer service. Their data centers are on U.S. soil, so it makes sense that their support is also local. Support options include phone, chat, email, and their own knowledge base articles.
  • File Explorer Integration. This is one of the most coveted features for online backup companies. You can open Windows® File Explorer and right click on a file to see a built-in menu to help you manage your backups.

Flowers, Chocolates and Promises

(image)Carbonite promises to protect their own. They’ve been in business for 10 years; I imagine if they didn’t make good on those promises, they wouldn’t still be in business. Carbonite makes 3 distinct promises. Carbonite promises:

  • To Keep Your Backup Simple. Everything is automated so you don’t have to worry about manually backing up your data. With unlimited data, you don’t have to worry about ever running out of space.
  • To Keep Your Files Safe and Private. Before leaving your computer, your files are encrypted. Once at the data center, they stay encrypted.
  • To Listen and Respond. Too many companies are disconnected and distant from their customers. Carbonite tries to be different. Cofounder and Executive Chairman, David Friend, offers his email address right there on the webpage so customers can contact him with comments, issues, complaints, or just to say hi.

When people go into business for the money, they don’t last long in the marketplace. When they go into business for the passion, they gain a loyal following that keeps them in business.

Customer Experiences

Carbonite has several positive reviews online. Most people have good experiences relying on Carbonite. They like the simplicity, peace of mind, and customer service. The ratings are high, making them a popular choice among consumers and small businesses.

The reviews are unanimous. Among well-written reviews, Carbonite comes highly recommended. Carbonite has been around the block for 10 years. That’s plenty of time for a company to gain a reputation, and Carbonite has one of the best.

What to Watch Out For

Carbonite doesn’t outshine every cloud company in cyberspace. They fall short in a few key areas, but if you’re okay with these, then I expect your experience with Carbonite to be a positive one.

  • Account only covers one PC. The catch with unlimited backup is that you’re limited to one computer per account with the first year prepaid. If you have multiple PCs or devices you need to include in your backup contingency plan, expect to pay for multiple accounts.
  • Options are tiered. The more options you want, the more you will pay. Basic membership doesn’t include automatic video backup, mirrored images of your hard drives, or the ability to back up network or external drives.
  • Limited sharing & collaboration features. A separate Sync & Share app is needed for Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS. Windows Phone is not supported. You can only access files from within the app and only files touched in the last 30 days appear in the app. We recommend other file sharing services like Dropbox of you want a more feature-rich file sharing experience.
  • Poor file retention. If you accidentally delete files from your computer, Carbonite will not archive it for more than 30 days. This is a poor feature if you accidentally delete a file without realizing it and search for it a few months later.


Carbonite outshines its competition with easy to use interface, unlimited storage, and continuous backup. For the vast majority of non-technical people who only need to restore their files occasionally, Carbonite is an excellent choice. More information directly from the company can be found here.

Carbonite – Powerhouse In The Backup World is available on The Online Cloud Backup Gurus Blog

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