No one can really be prepared for having a premature baby. All planning that has been done for months in preparation vanishes when a mother is told her baby will be born before the full term date. Instead of swaddling the new little one and heading home after birth, parents must watch their child being kept alive with wires, doctors and nurses around the clock.

Leaving the hospital without their baby is one of the hardest things a parent endures. Not being able to dress baby is just another painful reminder of how events changed their lives. There are clothes out there for the special preemies. Clothes that will make Mom and Dad (and baby) feel a bit better.

Dressing a premature infant takes great care. There may be numerous wires attaching baby to lifesaving machines. So how to get the outfit on and off will take a great deal of thought. There are high quality clothes for premature babies available that have special closures and are made of the softest cotton available. The strategic placement of the closures ensures that the baby can be dressed without fear of disturbing the wires. There will be no pulling of arms and legs through little holes. That action is often frightening for parents, so an outfit designed to lay flat and snap around them is very helpful. The ultra soft cotton is needed since a premature baby's skin is quite delicate.

When searching for the best in premature baby clothes, click here and visit the website where one can purchase safe, comfortable and tiny clothing. On the site one piece outfits are available that are especially made for easy dressing. Clothing can be purchased from two to four pounds to keep baby warm. Many accessories are available as well from tiny booties and hats to blankets and cozy one piece bags. These thoughtfully made articles for a premature baby will make the situation just a little bit better. Dressing a premature infant does not have to be frustrating. There are wonderful products to choose from that add comfort for both parent and child.