Most animal owners know that their pets should see a vet at least once a year, but others don't realize that animals over the age of ten should come in twice per year. In fact, some animal owners don't know when they should seek care at an animal emergency clinic. All pet owners should know these things, to ensure that their animals get the care they need when they need it. Below are some steps pet owners should take in case of a medical emergency.

Determine the Nature of the Problem

A pet's being "under the weather" isn't a sign that they need emergency veterinary care. If the pet owner is unsure, it is best to call the animal hospital ahead of time to ask if the pet should come in. Other symptoms, however, are clear indicators that a pet is in serious trouble. If the pet is lethargic, bleeding, cannot walk, is vomiting or has trouble breathing, it should be brought in for emergency veterinary care

Bring the Pet Into the Office

Once a pet owner realizes that their animal may need emergency care, they should quickly bring the animal into an after hour pet hospital for treatment. It can be difficult to handle a sick or wounded animal, and mistakes can sometimes make situations worse. When bringing an animal in for care with, the owner should confine it to a crate or cage to reduce the risk of additional harm. By confining the animal to a small space, the owner can provide it with a sense of calm and possibly prevent the pet from harming itself or someone else.

After the Office Visit

Once the animal has come in for emergency care, their owner should pay careful attention to the directions given by veterinary physicians and technicians. They can tell owners how to handle their animals, and how to care for them during recovery. If medicines are prescribed, dosing directions should be followed precisely. Following a medication schedule is an important part of the pet's recovery; after all, some medicines, such as antibiotics, must be administered for a certain period even if the pet's symptoms have diminished.

Being a pet owner comes with a degree of uncertainty, and it can lead to questions about veterinary care. If an animal has a medical emergency, the owner should follow the above steps in getting care from an emergency clinic as quickly as possible.