No homeowner wants to find his or her home has fallen victim to clean up water damage. Water damage is usually unexpected and come from a variety of sources. Even if you do not live in a flood zone, you can experience water damage from broken pipes, a leaking roof, overflowing washing machine or bathtub, or even from extreme weather conditions like hurricanes or torrential downpours.

The best way to fight the ravages of water damage is with the help of a professional remediation company. They have the experience, tools and resources to return your home to normal and remove the threat that water damage can cause to your home and your health.

Prevention Tips for Water Damage

The first thing you need to do, if it is within your power, is to stop the flow of water. This will not be possible in the case of floods, but water can be turned off in the case of broken pipes or overflowing tubs. It is important to ensure that this does not put your safety at risk. If you have any concerns about gas or electricity, please call the professionals to safely handle the shut off.

If you can safely do so, you will want to remove your belongings to prevent further damage and to star the drying out process.

Drying the area out may not be possible on your own, especially if it is a large area, but you can remove water from smaller areas with the use of mops, towels and a wet/dry vac if electrocution is not a risk.

If the area is carpeted you can pull up the carpet and padding to help the area dry and prevent the growth of mold while waiting for professional services.

The remediation process will include sanitizing and dehumidifying your home to ensure that there are no left over toxins and help restrict the growth of mold and mildew. Sensors can be used to detect areas that are high in humidity and at risk for further damage. This can help prevent the growth of toxic black mold, continued damage to the structure of your home, and is especially important in cases of standing water or water that may be contaminated with human waste and bacteria.

Time is of the essence in the case of water damage. The longer you wait the higher the chance that further damage will occur and give mold a chance to develop, putting your family’s health at risk. When your home experiences clean up water damage. Visit and see how a professional mediation company can help return your home to normal.