Mold occurs in a home due to faulty insulation, leaks, flooding, and after fires. Though often imperceptible, it can undermine the structural integrity of a home, create unpleasant odors, and even threaten the health of occupants. The diagnostic tools that help detect more dangerous mold species are usually too expensive to be in the hands of anyone but inspectors and repair professionals. Luckily, companies exist to find and eliminate the mold that inevitably occurs with fire and water damage. Below are some of the many advantages such companies provide for their customers.

A mold remediation Lakeland or Mold Removal Lakeland service does more than simple cleaning. They specialize in a multi-step process called "mold remediation." This involves not only removing the mold, but also restoring the location to its original, optimal conditions.

Remediation begins with the customer contacting the removal company. The best companies have 24 hour, 7 day a week call services. Because they understand how quickly mold springs up and how dangerous it can be, they usually respond the same day, no matter the time or season.

Once on site, they conduct a mold damage assessment. This involves tests that identify microscopic mold spores. It also helps them determine where and how damage would progress if not treated.

Next, they contain the mold so spores cannot spread and cause further damage. Air filtration is then used to eliminate airborne spores. This technology includes massive dehumidifiers that help return the atmospheric conditions to a moisture-free level.

Next, the company undertakes Lakeland mold removal. Contaminated materials such as drywall, insulation, floor tiles, carpet, and ventilation are removed and replaced. Any personal belongings that have been contaminated are cleaned.

Finally, the removal company will retest the area to make sure all dangerous molds have been eliminated. They also ensure the affected areas are restored to their original appearances and are as moisture-free as possible.

Companies who perform mold removal Lakeland work closely with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), local contractors, real estate inspectors, and insurance providers. They do this to make sure repairs are as cost-efficient and complete as possible. Homeowners should check with their policy holders to see what types of damages are covered. For example, mold and water damage may be covered in the instance of a rain-based flood, but not a flood from burst pipes. Customers who do their research are in a better position to communicate with mold removal companies, who can then work with individuals who do not have optimal coverage.