Churches use websites to stay in touch with their members and to provide information for people who may want to join their congregation. Because of the spiritual work churches do, church websites have to have special components. Prayer request forms are one example. These pages can provide comfort to members and even non-members when they are at their lowest point. Being able to connect with the healing power of prayer could lift a person's spirit. A person who doesn't belong to the church may reach out to the church for the first time using this page. Pastors and lay people can then respond with prayer and comfort.

Churches and the congregations often have very tight budgets. Therefore affortable church websites are necessary. Website developers keep down the cost by starting with a template. After they meet with the pastor, they design the home page. After that point, they can create a prayer request form, a donation form or Church Website Design even a page template for the church to add weekly sermons. Costs stay low, because the website designer uses a simple content management system that allows church members to easily update their site themselves. Members can take ownership of various parts of the website. Someone may update the church blog every Saturday. This will remind people to attend church services the next day. The photo gallery will allow another member to post pictures of church events.

Effective websites can still be affordable websites for churches. Many people are comfortable searching online for local activities. They may be looking for a specific kind of Christian church or viewpoint. A pastor may spend a lot of time writing an About Us page. He carefully outlines the beliefs of the church and which Bible version they use. This is a keyword rich text that will rank high in the search engines for local churches. If he adds a Question or Comment Box at the end, he may be surprised at the number of questions and comments he receives.

Young people are very comfortable communicating online. Therefore it's very important to have a youth minister who is just as comfortable using that medium to communicate with kids. He may run a positive online forum to give the kids in his congregation a safe place online to hang out. is one of the places that he can turn to to add a forum to the church's website. They will then teach him how to manage it.