Remodeling or designing a church is an arduous task with what will seem like a million different options. One of the most important choices to make is with the seating. You need to choose seating that is attractive, will maximize the space and will be comfortable for all of your parishioners. More than anything, comfort will matter because people will be hesitant to return if they were stiff and sore at the end of the services the week before, particularly those who are older or have physical disabilities.

There is an enormous variety of seating available today, a far cry from the days of unwelcoming, solid wooden pews. The worship seating designed today is affordable yet durable. The cushioned chairs have armrests, soft seats and backs and are covered in a variety of upholstery colors.

Some stylish designs have stowaway arm rests for maximum comfort and decorative, high-end fabrics for a more elegant appearance. All seats can be treated with stain-resistant fabric protectors to keep them easy to clean and spot-free. The seats have a variety of wood stains and laminates so even the framework and armrests can be custom-designed and made to match any decor.

There are a variety of accessory items to choose from as well. Install side lighting along the outside bottom of the seats to keep visitors safe when entering or exiting while room lights are dimmed. Straps beneath the seats make it possible to provide Bibles or hymnals for everyone. Holders for the seat backs, attachable folder pockets and communion racks are also available.

If you prefer pews to individual chairs, there are custom church pews available for order. These beautiful benches are cushioned, stylish and affordable. You can select the size of the individual seats, the fabric the cushions will be covered with and the finish you prefer for the arms and back of the benches. This can help older churches to keep their traditional style without sacrificing comfort.

If you are ready to pick out the seating that will make your house of worship beautiful and your congregation comfortable, click for more. With so many options, every church will be able to find the perfect final touch for their space.