The ability to learn should never be confined to what can only be taught within the walls of a traditional classroom. If this were true, a great many people who would like to commit to an education would be without a method for continued learning. Classes that are transmitted via an Internet connection allow students who could not commute to a college campus or Church-run school to find the inspiration they have been searching for in the comfort of their own homes.

Online Bible School is available and was developed to meet the needs of those individuals who would like to study Christian thought. It has been generously developed by the "Christian Leaders Institute" or "CLI" ministry. This not-for-profit ministry has distinguished itself as a training ground for those who desire to follow Christian doctrine around the world. Students from over 120 nations have enrolled in their Christian Leaders Institute and become members of the ministry in their own right.

These devoted Christian students usually begin their journey by signing up for Free Bible school and beginning their general studies. One course in particular that prepares them for a career in the ministry is the "Christian Leaders Getting Started Class" found online at Students are advised to take this course to see if advanced training as a member of the ministry is truly for them.

Free Bible School held online in a virtual classroom, can be a wonderful addition to anyone's routine. With this of learning, busy executives, full time students and stay-at-home parents have a chance to participate in theological studies. Making this educational scenario even more egalitarian is the fact that the Christian Leaders Institute offers these biblical studies at no cost to the student.

This is because the CLI looks to those people called to serve in the ministry, with absolutely no emphasis placed on whether they can pay for these classes or Ordination not. Their top quality training for the ministry places its importance on a person's connection to their Christian roots and not the ability to financially contribute to their tuition.

Institute instructors additionally make training for the ministry accessible for thousands of students, because everyone has a chance to stay within their own geographic area. Future leaders of the ministry are able to work with local mentors and sponsors as close to their home as possible. This allows students of the CLI to work with a congregation without having to travel, move their family or rearrange their current lifestyle.