Parents have many reasons for sending their children to melbourne christian schools. A primary reason is to have their children receiving academic instruction in a Christian environment. There are additional reasons as well.

A Faith-Based Learning Environment

The parents want their children to receive instruction in Christian topics along with learning essential academic subjects. They do not want Christianity ignored in subjects that are taught as entirely secular topics in public schools. They also want the children to spend their days in an academic environment that supports their Christian faith instead of questioning it or actively dismissing it.

Higher-Quality Education

A christian college victoria is known offers high-quality bible education with small class sizes and more personal attention from teachers than kids generally receive in public schools. When classes are overly large, it's difficult for the higher achievers to get the challenge they thrive on, and difficult for struggling students to get the encouragement and help they need. These problems are more readily resolved in a private Christian school.

Being With Others of Good Moral Character

Parents who send kids to a school that focuses on christian education are likely to strongly emphasize good moral character. They prefer their children to spend their school days with kids who have been taught similar values. This is where their children will make many of their friends. With peers being such a strong influence on children and teens, parents know it's important that their youngsters aren't continuously tempted to make questionable choices.

Opportunities for Mission Trips

A school such as Heatherton Christian College offers overseas mission trip opportunities to secondary curriculum students. This can be an invaluable experience, combining the more standard international exchange student opportunity with a dedicated goal involving the Christian faith. Students immerse themselves in the culture and customs of other countries while acting as missionaries.

Other Student Travel Programs

In addition to the mission trips, secondary students at some schools can participate in wilderness camps, ski camps, and language immersion programs in other countries. These adventures broaden the teenager's horizons and scope of reference.

Some of these travel programs are offered in public schools, but there's a major difference in the programs offered by melbourne christian schools. When teenagers spend a great deal of time away from home with other kids in their age group, parents want to know who they are with and what sort of influences they encounter. Knowing that the teens are with other Christians provides peace of mind and assurance that the word of God is always being considered.