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Last month my family and I took a two-week road trip from Northern to Southern California. It was the first time we ever did anything like that as a family. I shot a ton of photos and video along the way, mostly because that's what I love to do, but also because it's important to me to document those memories as best I can. I'm very self-conscious about my video-making skills but I figure there's no better way than to just do it, and who better to document than the ones you love the most. I cut the video down to 2 minutes and then again to :60 to try out the new Instagram video length. Not sure anyone on IG will watch all the way through (or read this whole caption for that matter) but here it is anyway! Tap the link in my bio for the full edit + photos from the trip. A big thank you to Erin and my two boys for putting up with me sticking a camera in their faces for two weeks straight 😘. Music by Ben Howard.
“Thousands of young people are thrown in overcrowded jails just for smoking a joint” says Amna Guellali, Tunisia researcher, outraged that the lives of Tunisian youth are crushed everyday under harsh drug laws. Read more about Amna's findings on Tunisia's costly war on drugs at the link in my profile. This portrait of Amna, shot in New York City, is part of my volunteer project for @humanrightswatch #Tunisia
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