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The Clintons. Rotten, Rotten, Rotten To The Core!
"In 2013, the foundation expanded the board to 12 people. But virtually all of them remained insiders."

"They included Bill, Hillary and Chelsea, along with McAuliffe, Cheryl Mills and Frank Giustra. Giustra is a Canadian mining billionaire who donated $100 million to the Clinton Foundation to create the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership.
The mining mogul also benefited from the U.S. Government’s approval of a Russian state-run company’s effort to gain a controlling interest in his uranium mines in the Western U.S. Hillary, as Secretary of State, had to approve the transaction."

"Another State Department alumni to join the board was U.S. Ambassador Richard Verma, who served as an Assistant Secretary of State while Hillary was Secretary of State."

"Lisa Jackson, Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency chief joined the foundation that year.  One of her claims to fame was using a phony email while at EPA under the pseudonym “Richard Windsor.”

"Cheryl Saban joined the board too. Her billionaire husband currently is the third biggest donor to her super PAC. He is just behind Tom Steyer and George Soros in contributions to super PACs.
Saban’s 2016 super PAC contribution is a whopping $11 million. The Saban’s additionally donated between $10 to $25 million to the Clinton Foundation."

"Eric Goosby is on the board too. He headed up PEPFAR, a UN health organization that partnered with the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State."

"Hadeel Ibrahim joined that year. Her father is Mo Ibrahim, a Sudanese-British telecom billionaire.  Hadeel runs her father’s foundation."

"Rounding out the board was Rolando Gonzalez Bunster, a solar energy enthusiast who received $100 million from a World Bank unit in the last month of Hillary’s term at the State Department."
Bernie Sanders' Master GambitHow he has shown Hillary is not a viable candidate. #neverhillary   #stillsanders   #jillnothill  
It seems each day the consensus grows that one of the most brilliant moves on this campaign was for #Bernie2016 to endorse #Hillary2016 when he did. Everyday new polls indicate what Bernie has been saying for much of his campaign. Hillary is the soul source of her problems. No matter how much of the #establishment gets behind her the people won't. This makes it clear that Hillary cannot win the White House. 
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