If you have never undergone a chiropractic treatment you may wonder what is involved and how it can benefit your health. A chiropractor is a doctor who works with his hands to keep the musculoskeletal system in good health. Instead of prescribing medications to treat symptoms, chiropractic works to get to the root cause of the symptom so the body can heal. Recent research has found these treatments can be more beneficial for certain types of neck and back pain than prescription pain killers.

In study information reported by the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics it was found patients who underwent chiropractic care saw a 51.8% reduction in their pharmaceutical costs. Patients also saw a 43% reduction in required hospital stays. Study after study is finding this type of treatment can be beneficial in many different ways and is not simply a method of reducing pain.

Chiropractors take a look at the body as a whole instead of the sum of its parts. They work to treat the entire body through spinal and joint manipulations, exercises and lifestyle and nutrition education. This type of care is much more focused on finding the true cause of health concerns instead of loading a patient with medications to treat the symptoms they are experiencing.

A typical chiropractic adjustment works to move all of the joints back into their proper positions. This is done through a controlled force movement that moves each vertebrae into its natural position. When the vertebrae are not aligned properly they can place pressure on the nerves and cause a disruption in the body's communication system. This can lead to many different health concerns and chronic pain.

Along with an adjustment patients will also receive heat, ice and massage therapy. These can prove beneficial to your aching muscles and joints so you can find full relief of your pain. This can also help to lessen your dependence on pain medications so your health is not at risk.

If you are experiencing chronic pain or mobility issues contact manual muscle testing grades. They will provide you with a focused approach to your healing so you can overcome your pain and increase the functionality of your joints. Call today and allow them to schedule you a consultation. This will allow you to learn more about chiropractic treatment and how it can benefit your health. Through these treatments you can start on the journey of reclaiming your health.