There are 24 hours in every day, and about 8 to 12 of them are spent in bed (for those getting a good night's rest, of course). Chiropractors may want to start with recommending more sleep for those dipping below eight hours. Regardless, maintaining proper spine alignment during sleep is pivotal. Below are three nice tips for keeping the spine in great shape and supporting the efforts of chiropractic health professionals.

Sleep on the Back

There are really only ever three ways to sleep- on the back, on the side, or on the stomach. Sleeping on the stomach is terrible because it offers absolutely zero support for the spine. Sleeping on the side is manageable, but sleeping on the back is the best option. It provides an elongated and flat surface for the spine to lie against.

Pillow Between the Legs

Individuals who decide to sleep on their side are advised to use a pillow between their legs. The legs tend to add a lot of stress to the spine. When one leg is elevated over the other with a pillow between the two, the spine is perfectly supported. Normally, one leg would drop down, and that would draw the lower spine and hip downwards. The pillow keeps it at a proper and even level. The pillow can be soft and fluffy. the important thing is that it keeps the upper leg lifted at a straight horizontal level with the hip and chest.

Use Flat or softly-Curved Pillows

The fluffy and huge pillows are doing few favors to the spine, particular the upper spine to the neck. Big pillows are comfy, but not ideal. Individuals should consider switching to a nice flat pillow. Tempur-pedic has a line of pillows that match with their acclaimed mattress products. There is a slight groove where the neck fits, and the pillow subtly conforms around the neck and shoulders.

Notably, a flat pillow that is effective for spine health will take some time to get used to. These chiropractic facts are hard to ignore and they are extremely important. With all the time spent sleeping, getting that part of spine health right is invaluable.