I had been released to Reiki as a healing power therapy while I lived in Nyc. One of many points which greatly appealed to me about my Reiki faculty in Manhattan was that numerous countries and creeds were interested in Reiki sessions.

Like many different towns, Newyork has its Irish place, its Jewish and Italian neighbourhoods. For me it had been just like a breath of outdoors to meet people who I generally might have no event to interact with. Reiki energy had a broad appeal that touched people on a deep level despite their diversity.

Reiki in Ireland is favored by all cultures and creeds

I've been teaching Reiki courses in Dublin since 1996. Reiki in Ireland attracts folks from a wide range. A lot of people from a variety of countries and cultures moved to Ireland throughout the boom times. This type of person currently represented at my Reiki classes in Dublin.

It is a genuine joy to possess individuals who have different details of view about religion unite being a cohesive party when it comes to Reiki healing.

Reiki energy is really alternative and is not determined by a person's belief systems and conditioning. You could happily practice Reiki if you are religious or a nonbeliever. Atheists get just as much pleasure and healing using this wonderful resource of empowerment.

Nuns and Priests learn Reiki too.

I've taught several nuns and priests Reiki. They like it, and find it a great compliment for their prayer life. An excellent priest, Fr. Padraig, born in Ireland who currently lives in Brazil composed an excellent book called Reiki for Christians.

He has in turn released and trained Reiki to nuns, priests and even bishops in Brazil. They recognize that Reiki is not religiously based and recognise it for what it's - a tool of empowerment read.

Why do a number of people say Reiki is anti Christian?

It has often amused me how a number of people are worried about nuns and priests getting a part of therapeutic techniques like Reiki. On some level they think it is in conflict using a Christian belief system.

Such individuals have a tendency to associate Reiki and Yoga with Buddhism because these techniques have their roots in the east. Naturally this can be entirely improper, but closed minds will not be wonderful listeners!

From time to time I have participants at my Reiki courses in Ireland who state their relatives were worried about them getting involved with Reiki, as they regarded it anti catholic. I'm happy to report that these players were aware enough to create up their own minds about that.

Reiki is there for everybody

The sun, moon and personalities present their vitality and beauty for all. Reiki isn't unlike dynamics within this respect. It is a natural, real electricity w