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Tulip Care Tips

For Tulips....

Keep cool whenever possible.

Split bunches and strip leaves from the lower half of each stem.

Wash any mud and dirt from each stem and be careful not to bash or split the stems.

Trim at least 2cm off each stem and place in cold water immediately as otherwise the stems quickly seal themselves.

Tulips do not need preservative, and a good tip is to add a teaspoon of bleach per half filled bucket instead.

Don’t display tulips with fresh daffodils

Replace the vase water every day.

Tulip stems continue to grow in water and curve towards the light. They grow about an inch daily and this can result in twisted stems. To straighten, wrap the bunches in clean paper (not newspaper) and place in deep cold water for several hours.

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Caring for your fresh delivered flowers (general)

Your flowers may arrive a little tired from their journey, no need to worry, this is quite normal - just follow these few tips and your delivered flowers will very quickly perk up. To help the tired bouquet recover, cut stems, add the flower food contents and stand them in deep water for a few hours.

Have a clean vase and use fresh lukewarm water. (Avoiding metal containers as they may neutralise the effects of flower food)

1.Add all of the flower food provided into lukewarm water, following the guidelines on the sachet.

2.Carefully remove the packaging from the base of the flowers.

3.Take off all leaves that fall below the water line.

4. Cut 2 - 3cm off all stems using a clean sharp knife or scissors. Cut at a sharp angle so the stem can absorb water more effectively and place immediately in water. Avoid cutting through nodes on the flower stems.

5. Display the flowers in a cool, light location away from draughts, direct sunlight, radiators and fresh fruit.

Remember to top up the vase water daily and remove faded flowers as they occur.

To refresh your flowers re-cut the stems every 2 – 3 days, and replace in fresh lukewarm water.

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