If business owners want to expand their customer database, most specifically on the World Wide Web, they will have to learn to speak the language of the Web to access those customers. Having the ability to corner a major portion of the online customers due to the popular spreading of the business' product or service is known as local reputation management software. A more official definition of online reputation management is the process of making a business look its best on the Internet. Just as one would hire an advertising agency to promote the best in a company in the brick and mortar establishments, online reputation managers are the ad agencies of the electronic world.

The way the business will get into the major market online is going to be through getting more visibility in the search engine. A company called Chatmeter is in the business of making this happen for business clients. The company provides review management, social media analytics, local listings management, and local SEO rank tracking. With review management, all of the business' operations are monitored daily and will inform the business owner of any new reviews via 20 local directories and search sites. On the social media analytics, conversations will be tracked across the various social network platforms, shining the spotlight on those issues in which the business needs to participate. Local SEO rank tracking searches the local markets to measure the success of your local search engine optimization strategies.

In addition to chatmeter, another agency which is available to increase a business' visibility online is Vendasta. Vendasta has the reputation of showing businesses what is being said about them over the Web. The importance in understanding the success of this method of visibility is the flooding of many social networking agencies being utilized. Yelp, Tripadvisor, Urbanspoon, personal blogging, Facebook, and of course the Google network are all viable social networking tools that offer a wealth of opportunities for business expansion. The right tools must be used by the right company.

Vendasta is a software agency that builds the necessary marketing platform for digital groups to establish business transactions with local businesses. Interested businesses ready to take their customer database to the next level will benefit by going through agencies such as Vendasta or Chatmeter. Feel free to ask questions of the agencies about their current and past successes and ask for the opportunity to talk with those who have been past clients or are current.