For many people, mobility is a problem. This can be a big challenge when a person lives in a home with two levels. However, by using a stair lift, a person can ascend and descend stairs more easily. This device is attached to the stairs to make daily activities in a home more convenient and efficient. Even when a person does not have mobility problems, the chances of being hurt from using stairs can be a big risk. By making a chair lift for stairs a part of daily life, a person can realize a better quality of life. As with any type of aerial device, safety precautions should be used. Learn about these protective measures to protect your personal safety.

Before you use a chair glider, thoroughly read the user's manual. Familiarize yourself with the basic components of your stairlift. Some of these parts include the armrest, safety sensor, key switch, status display, and toggle switch. Inspect the stairlift after it's installed. Even if the installer does this, perform an inspection to ensure that all parts seem to be in good working order. If a part seems to be defective, immediately contact the manufacturer before using the stair glider.

Before using this device, view its pathway. There should not be any obstructions. Items should be removed from the track or around the track to prevent improper operation of the stairlift. A stair glider is meant for only one person at a time. Never attempt to carry a person with you up or down the stairs. Household occupants should know about the presence of the chair to prevent one of them from tripping over any of its components. When you have children in the house, it's advisable to lock the stair glider when it's not in use. A stairlift should never be used as a toy.

You should know about the safety features of your stairlift. Upper and lower carriage safety pads make the chairlift stop when there is an item on the track. This device may have footrest safety edges that prevent the stair glider from operating when there is a hindrance on the track. Your chairlift may have a swivel seat switch. This feature prevents the stair glider from starting when the seat is turned to an improper position. There may be additional safety features you can choose. By implementing all these safety guidelines, you can safely use one or more Massachusetts stair lifts. When there is a breakdown, immediately get in touch with your stair glider's New Hampshire stair lift company for instructions.