Florida aircraft owners must comply with all FAA regulations. Any failure to comply with these standards could result in fines and grounding of the aircraft. For these reasons, the state requires an inspection performed by certified airplane maintenance central Florida each year.

Understanding the Validity of the Inspections

The inspection is valid for one calendar year. The aircraft owner must acquire a new inspection in the twelfth month of operations. This inspection must be completed before the owner may fly the plane. Any failure to complete the inspection during the required month could result in criminal penalties.

What Conditions Warrant an Extended Inspection

Air-crafts that are used to transport passengers that aren't crew members require an extended inspection. The same applies to any aircraft used for flight school of any kind. The extended inspection requires up to one hundred hours to complete. A certified mechanic with an IA accreditation must complete the inspection before issuing an approval to the owner. Some locales may require additional inspection hours based on the type of aircraft.

Who Qualifies for the Progressive Inspections

Any owners who utilize the aircraft frequently have the option to acquire a progressive inspection. These inspections are broken down into phases. They allow the owner to undergo inspections that last up to 24 hours during each phase. However, if a critical error is discovered during the airplane annual inspections central Florida, the aircraft cannot be used prior to repairs.

Who Can Repair the Airplanes?

The errors cannot be repaired by any mechanic. The FAA requires that the repairs be made by a certified mechanic who has the credentials to perform inspections. This reduces the potential for damage that could lead to unnecessary risks and injuries.

Is an Additional Inspection Required?

Yes. All air-crafts that failed their aircraft annual inspection central Florida must undergo a new inspection. The owner must comply with these requirements if they wish to fly their plane. They aren't required to hire the same mechanic to inspect the plane. They may seek an alternative venue for these requirements. However, they must have the appropriate certification to complete this task.

Florida plane owners must review the annual inspection requirements for their aircraft. The FAA requires any aircraft that carries passengers to undergo a rigorous inspection. These inspections are used to mitigate risks associated with aircraft accidents. Any owner who needs an aircraft annual inspection Orlando should schedule their evaluation with an appropriate provider today.